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AmeriHome 6-Quart Electric Pressure Cooker

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When time is scarce and tummies are rumbling, rely on this electric pressure cooker to swiftly prepare meat, beans, rice, and a bevy of other staples. Simply toss ingredients into the cooker’s nonstick pot, secure the self-locking lid, set the digital LED timer, and breathe in the ensuing aromas. If you’re unsure of how long to cook, preset functions are your best friend: options include browning, beans, chicken, rice, and soup. A 9-hour delay-start timer even lets you prepare meals in the morning so they’ll be hot and simmering when you come home.


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AmeriHome 6-Quart Electric Pressure Cooker make meals in less than half the usual time with the AmeriHome 6 qt. Pressure Cooker. This Electric Pressure Cookers doesn’t have the loud whistle you heard in your grandmother’s kitchen, and has features built into the design to make it safer and easier to use. The digital LED timer and display takes the guess work out of pressure cooking with 7 preset functions for browning, beans, chicken, rice, meat, soup, and slow cook. You can even prep the meal before you leave the house in the morning, and come home to a hot and ready meal with the 9 hour delay start timer.

Detail about AmeriHome 6-Quart Electric Pressure Cooker

  • Stainless steel housing and non-stick removable cooking pot make clean up easy and simple
  • Cook roasts, potatoes, stews, and more in half the time
  • Digital display with preset functions for browning, beans, chicken, rice, meat, soup, and slow cook
  • Safety features include a self-locking lid, a pressure release valve, and automatic steam release
  • Delay timer, stainless steel housing, removable non-stick cooking pot, 1,000 Watt

Many peoples said that: “From soups and stews to corned beef this works great.” Eventhough, a customer love it too much, when reviews: “I’ve owned this model for three years and it has been a love hate relationship but mostly love. My biggest gripe is that while it comes with a good variety of programmed settings it takes a while to learn how to “fool it” to doing your own recipes. It has two pressure settings and multiple time settings. The “trick” is learning which program uses the high and which the low pressure settings. Learning how to program the time is easy. You would think in a model with so many features and sophistication it would have a button for high/low and another for time and delay so that you can use your own recipes. The build quality is EXCELLENT! In fact I just bought a second at this great price and put it away in case this one fails. PROS: Excellent build quality, easy pre-programed settings, nice size (not too big), cool to touch even when at full pressure, dual pressure Cons: You have to improvise if you don’t use their programed settings such as generic pressure cooker recipes. While I haven’t used it customer service has been a big issue with some other reviews. Would I recommend this… Yes but know what you are getting.”

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