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Differences between Thermal Cooker and Electric pressure cooker

Differences between Thermal Cooker and Electric pressure cooker
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Brewed pot:

 Thermal Cooker was used and disseminated from very long ago, especially in Taiwanand Japan. This type of pot is useful for people who like and often cook the porridge,water dishes and stews. Advantages of this type of thermal cooker this is help save energy when cooking food, not hot and can keep infamous for so long.
Currently on the market there are many different brands, such as Shuttle Chief, Tiger,Zojirushi, Sunpentown, with prices also vary depending on the size and brand.However all the pots are often under general principles as follows:
1) based on the principle of the two-pot, thermos: large pot outside the mission only retain heat, absolutely stay away from sources of heat. Small pot in use contains the materials
2) small pot on the stove to Cook was when boiling and wait for a more appropriatetime. After it was hot enough, the small pot will be brought on to in large pot. Cover.The amount of heat stored in small pot will continue as the nine materials section has heat within the first hour (maximum at 212 degree F). It will then continue to keepfood warm.
3) pros:
fuel saving (because just cooked a short time after boiling on the stove)
-safety is not afraid of fire pot, house fire
-no need to take a long time to watch
the type of potato tuber, not burnt pot, being crushed crushed as when cooking on the stove
keep the heat long ago very good when going out or when there is a party
cooked food in the way of slow cooker should keep the flavor
wash the pot is very easy because the food was never in the bottom of the pot
not be smelling the food throughout the cooking time because the lid was tightlycovered, steam and smell not drain out
not be steam and not hot as when cooking, cellar, security water long time dishes on the stove
convenient to bring hot food picnic, go away or through acquaintances
4) cons:
only works well if cooked food more than 2/3 of the pot
not compatible with the need to cook at high temperature
time consuming than cooked slow cooker
to practice for the time required for the first time made strange cuisine. With beef dishes, can after a 2 hour, need to provide more heat for small pot by giving more cooking on the stove for about 5 minutes and then incubated for beef continued nine software in large pot

Recipes with pot brewing


For rice, meat, water, seasoning (optional) in a small pot, Cook another 10 minutes after boiling, taste. For the small pot into large pot. A few hours later to have a pot of hot porridge very delicious. Can do before you go to bed, get up are the hot porridgebreakfast. Also suitable for the party, or take excursions,
For the chicken, vegetables, spices, water and small pot, Cook another 10 minutes after boiling, taste cooked. For the small pot into large pot. A few hours after having adelicious pot of vegetable soup. Soft cooked chicken. Vegetables (e.g. potatoes,carrots) nine but not half-crushed.
Soak the dried material in advance for software. For all the material and water into a small pot, Cook another 10 minutes after boiling. For the small pot into large pot. A few hours later opened view, if was enough to the nine small pot up a little stove is already boiling, add sugar and wedge the other materials (such as coconut, vanilla, if needed.
The type of bone was dehydrated for the clean smell. For the bone meat into small pot, pour the water to about 3/4 of the pot, simmer for about 10 minutes after boiling, salt-wedge. For the small pot into large pot. A few hours later opened view, ifenough meat picked out the nine. If you need software that can add up to a littlestove is already boiling, wait 5 minutes, bearing dropped into the big pot to keep ninea few more hours.
Need to do water used before. Then, depending on the type of farming that gives the material on time. If necessary after 2 hours, can leave small pot up a little stove isalready boiling, wait 5 minutes, bearing dropped into the big pot to keep nine a few more hours.
For the material, water, spices in small pot. Cook on the stove boiling after adding about 10-20 minutes depending on the type of material, the wedge has just eaten. For the small pot into large pot. A few hours later opened view, if has not yet ripe enoughsoftware can to small pot up a little stove is already boiling, wait 5 minutes, bearingdropped into the big pot to keep nine a few more hours.
Because thermal cooker can retain heat, may have cooked dishes, pour into a smallpot. Should note the need for small hot pot fan base by boiling water about 10 minutes on the stove and then pour off the water, before pouring cooked dishesavailable. For the small pot into large pot. The food will stay warm for a period of time, can range from 8-12 hours depending on the brand.
Because thermal cooker can hold hot or cold, can be used for annealing for fermented yogurt
Because thermal cooker can keep conditioning, can be used to contain water ice or ice cream in the evening. Need a small pot cooling time before use.
best electric pressure cooker

Differences between Thermal Cooker and Electric pressure cooker

1) price: Themal cooker Slow cooker so much more expensive. Reviews Slow cooker usually only in 2 digits (around ten to a few dozen dollars), while the price of Thermal to 3 digits (range from $ 130$ 200 or can be more expensive).
2) operating principles: Thermal cooker use thermal energy (heat) is available from the food and water in the pot to continue to do nine (see picture on page 1 to learn more). Should be able to pot thermal in anywhere (don’t close the heat source) or carried away by when out, when going to the party as well as can bring to the table very easily. Continued food cooked or kept hot in the course of time been brewing in the pot thermal. Slow cooker should provide heat from outside should need to plug in your use.
3) energy consumption: Thermal cooker not waste fuel (electricity or gas) more because just Cook on the stove a short time, then when it was brewed not more consuming more fuel. The food in the pot will continue smoldering nine by main source of heat available. Slow cooker spend much money because the power to cook food during the long smoldering. Please try to compare when beef stew. With the pot thermal, just Cook on the stove boiling after adding 10 minutes is done, then the next 8, 10 hours incubation but absolutely no more electricity, gas. Also, slow cooker, they must continue to use electricity to bone tunnels throughout the 8, 10 hours continuously. If you would often have to stew, boiled in food, long long time will more clearly see the difference.
4) safety: Thermal cooker doesn’t use external energy during annealing, should absolutely not afraid of fire, do not fear the fire pot, not afraid of being scorched food,not afraid of the food being salty after long time brewing. Therefore, when the compost, I can go out or go to sleep without having to worry about. When washing the pot is also very easy because the food doesn’t stick to the bottom of the pot,never fried. Slow cooker electric needs throughout the cooking time so the story risks mentioned above may occur if negligence.
5) weight made of lightweight stainless steel thermal Cooker, compact, durable than slow cooker made of ceramic because it is not susceptible to hot cracking, when used.This is just a small pot in the part comparison inside used to contain food when cooking.
6) use Thermal cooker is very suitable with the boiled dish, stew, soup, stewed, cookedsoup, Cook the porridge, with the amount of water flooded at least about 2/3 of the pot, and need the flooding on the food. Cooking time also extended as when using the slow cooker but using thermal cooker has advantages is not energy consuming and not lose the watch. In addition, thermal cooker because of confidentiality as well as steam heat, smells during the incubation time Should not be worn in the House the smell of the food, not the steam radiating in the winter when the House is always closed the window. With water, use a thermal cooker will save more convenient and slow cooker. However, don’t think thermal cooker can replace the slow cooker in all Spanish cuisine. Thermal cooker cannot be used to roast, simmer, fry the dish less water or require cooking at high temperatures such as the slow cooker. So depending on the dishes that decided to use pots.
7) options: Slow cooker is very popular, there are many types, many, many dimensions. Thermal cooker usually only have the kind of capacity 3 L, 4.5 L, 6 L and 8L.
8) product after cooking: Thermal cooker help tunnel for bones out of fresh water but not opaque water, make the meat soft, ragged but does not do the food like potatoes, carrots, as well as keeping the flavor of the food as being odor during the Slow cooker help; the tunnel for bones out of fresh water , do soft meat but can do vegetables always ragged. The taste of food can also be changed because of the slightly less cooking time in escape. Can fire the pot if negligence to shallow water,

pressure cooker

Save gas, quick cooking, cooking delicious over rice cooker which has lose again 5minutes. Root cellar, just to save time, fuel, & & concern most is help retain a maximum of the amount of vitamins in food once cooked. If the “widthfinancial potto purchase good fillings &. To ensure safety for users, to the handy-I can use to cook more food intake; If food intake is less then for food into a pot, pour the water into the pressure cooker and then for on the pot in the pressure cooker. Note that the maximum possible amount of food cooked in the pressure cooker only allows to reach 2/3 the volume of the pot to make sure the food gets out when a movement pressure in the inflated pots

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