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Harvest Cookware Pressure PRO Automatic Pressure Cooker

Harvest Cookware Pressure PRO Automatic Pressure Cooker
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Harvest Pressure Pro is an automatic pressure cooker that claims to cook your family favourite dishes in minutes with a simple press of a button.

Harvest Pressure Pro promises to save you time in the kitchen while you express your passion for cooking and impress your loved ones. Many of us are hard pressed for time today because of the demands on our personal and professional lives. You are looking for ways to cut down on the cooking time in the kitchen. Harvest Pressure Pro maintains that it can do just that for you.

Harvest Cookware Pressure Pro Cooker is believed to be several notches above the normal countertop stoves with its easy, healthy, environment-friendly and time-saving features. Harvest Cookware Pressure Pro Cooker is designed in a way that it consumes 70% lesser energy, lets you cook nutritious food and reduces cooking time by 2-6 times. All this is possible because of the microprocessor that monitors the temperature and pressure, maintains the duration and adjusts heating intensity according to the volume of food being cooked to let you cook consistent and delectable dishes every time.

Harvest Cookware Pressure Pro Cooker is a multipurpose cooker with 10 such inbuilt programs to function as a rice cooker, sauté and brown, slow cook, steam, and warm with just the press of a button. It is safe operation and good for health.

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Feature of Harvest Cookware Pro Pressure Cooker:

  • 10-in-1 Smart Steam Technology automatically adjusts cook pressure and temperature as needed. Make delicious, restaurant quality family meals in minutes!
  • Operates at 7.25 PSI. Pressurized steam locks in moisture and flavor. Temperature is maintained from center to edge.
  • Combine frozen foods without defrosting for convenient One Pot Cooking. Select rare, medium or well-done meat preparations.
  • Delay timer and warming features mean food is ready when you want it. Cooks fish, veggies, rice, risotto, pasta, soups, stews, meats and more.
  • Slow-cooking results in minutes. Cooking insert can be removed for serving and cleaning. Dishwasher safe. Stainless steel construction.

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