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Midea Gourmet Pressure Cooker is smart pressure cooker

Midea Gourmet Pressure Cooker is smart pressure cooker
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A pressure cooker is basically a kitchen equipment that seals-in steam. A pot made in either stainless steel or aluminum construction, it has an accompanying lid that contains a pressure regulator, a steam vent, a gasket or sealing ring, and a number of safety devices such as a locking system and an over pressure release valve. best electric Pressure cooker make cooking faster by trapping in steam in an enclosed vessel and the main reason why people use pressure cookers is because they cut cooking time by up to 70%.


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Pressure cooking may seem complicated with all the parts and devices found on the lid. But with a few tips, tricks… cooking with pressure cooker will be simple. Or you can choose cooking with smart pressre cooker as midea Gourmet 7-in-1 Programable. Midea Gourmet 7-in-1 Programable 6L Automatic Electric Pressure Cooker with Stainless Steel Inner Pot

Details about this pressure cooker:

  • Cooks automatically. Absolutely no manual operation required during cooking
  • Cooks cleanly. No jet steam like that of conventional pressure cooker
  • Cooks everything: rice, porridge, chicken, meat, stew, ribs, etc.
  • Removable stainless steel inner pan. Large capacity: 6 liters or 1.7 gallons or 7 quarts; Power rating: 110V 60Hz 900W
  • Made by Meidi, the most reputable manufacture of pressure cooker

A customer give good reviews for this pressure cooker: “Best cooking device I have ever purchased! I received the cooker about 3 weeks ago and I kid you not when I say I use it almost every day! I am not good at writing reviews, but I just wanted to come on here as a real person expressing my love for this cooker.

I had never used a pressure cooker, but that doesn’t matter – this cooker makes everything easy. If you are not someone who plans ahead for meals, but likes the meals that take a long time to cook, this pressure cooker will open a whole world you never thought possible. It will cook a whole chicken in 15 minutes, but I do it for 10 minutes, then finish it in the oven for crispy skin.

Besides using it for pressure cooking, I also the slow cooker feature once, veggie steam a couple of times. One I’ll try yogurt, I think.

Further, this pressure cooker is easy to clean and is very quiet during operation, with minimal “spitting.”

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