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Tatung Pressure Cooker with Inner Pot – Stainless Steel

Tatung Pressure Cooker with Inner Pot – Stainless Steel
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Pressure cooker for easy use, save fuel, keep the nutrients in food. When in use, must pay attention to check the amount of food, the valve seat to ensure safety. Electric Pressure Cooker dominates the main by-timer mode smart set and automatically adjusts pressure up the cooking process easier. You do not need to take notes and watch the cooking time as the traditional pressure cooker. All electric pressure cooker was automatically implemented. This helped electric pressure cooker safer.

Features of the pressure cooker type Versatile:

– Pressure Cooker is kind of true cooker with lid closed. When cooking, the pot increases by steam but not to escape should the pressure be increased and led to rising temperature in the pot

– Electric Pressure Cooker constructed like electric cooker with lid tuck straps so tight, high power capacity than conventional cookers. It is controlled by electronic timers cook, how to cook and cooking temperature; Using timers type timer and the temperature constant. This type electric pressure cooker very comfortable, nice but the price is high, not very common.

One of the best kinds of pressure cooker on the market, TATUNG TPC-5L 5L Pressure Cooker has many good reviews. This is one of reviews about TATUNG TPC-5L 5L Pressure Cooker.


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This TATUNG TPC-5L 5L Pressure Cooker has plenty of great features. Not only does it have a sleek stainless steel appearance, but it also has an LED display, 10 preset cooking functions, a 24-hour preset timer, and 70kPa of working pressure. You can easily cook a variety of different things with this pressure cooker, including meat (pulled pork would be great with this), cake, rice, beans, soup, and so much more. It helps to have a versatile kitchen appliance like this TATUNG TPC-5L 5L Pressure Cooker.

A customer reviews: “This cooker is smart. All you have to do is to put food and hit start. I use it for soup and porridge so far and it’ fully capable. Not much water is lost during the cooking process, it means you don’t need to worry about food getting dried.”

  • 10 Preset Cooking Function
  • 24 hours preset timer
  • LED Display
  • 70kPa Working pressure
  • 3 Texture Selection Safety Protection
  • Multifunction cooking including of rice, cake, soup, meat, beans, etc

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