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Pressure cooker recpies: How to keep natural flavor on food?


With an electric pressure cooker, you can easily to cook delicious rice for dinner or sweet orange cake for party on the weekend. Electric pressure cooker is intelligent. It combine many features together: stew, cook, … It can be cooking 10 different food groups. You are easily install 1 to 59 minutes cooking times. With this feature, a pressure cooker ... Read More »

How to Pressure relief best pressure cooker properly?


The commonly method for opening the best pressure cooker is the exhaust valve opening pressure, however, faster speed, the exhaust gas in the boiler feed as shaken, evaporate as quickly. Therefore, it is necessary to apply the best pressure cooker by opening different for each type of food to secure nutrition and food flavor enhancer. Best pressure cooker – The ... Read More »

The MaxiMatic EPC-808 Elite Electric Pressure Cooker


Cooking is an important life skill that you need to learn. Because pressure cooking not only saves you money in the long run but it also gives your health a boost.  Now, pressure cooker is a other way of cooking food. And, if you’re looking for the best electric pressure cooker around, you can believe in MaxiMatic EPC-808 Elite. The ... Read More »

Tips and advice for cooking with best pressure cooker


Electric pressure cooker use electricity to cook food so you can take the initiative during cooking. This makes cooking easier than traditional methods. It saves time and energy. In particular, pressure cooker versatile. It can be used as pans, rice cooker, steam … When using electric pressure cooker, you can adjust the temperature easily. Food is cooked in a high ... Read More »

Secura 6-in-1 Best Electric Pressure Cooker Review

best electric-pressure-cooker

Secura 6 – in – 1 Electric Pressure Cooker is a A Multi-Cooker. It gives you 6 different cooking methods. For example: power pressure cooker reviews, slow cooker, food steamer, rice cooker, browning, soup maker. Many peoples thinks that it is multifunction so it will difficult to use. But not. It is very simple. It is intelligent with a digital ... Read More »

Why a Pressure Cooker Better Than a Slow Cooker


Why the power cooker pressure cooker? What is the difference between a pressure cooker and slow cooker? Is pressure cooker really necessary? These questions will be answered when you read this post: Cooking without plan You can see, this is the difference between the first and second largest pot of this kind. Previously, when cooking with slow cooker, you lose a ... Read More »

IP-Smart Bluetooth-Enabled Multifunctional Pressure Cooker


IP-smart best pressure cookers is an intelligent product that was integrated Bluetooth and wireless technology enables the custome to program and monitor the cooking process from smartphones or tablets. This product not only helps speed up cooking, but also saves energy. In addition, Instant pot IP-smart cooker is the multifunctional cooking-tools with modern gadgets can help you fully cook dishes ... Read More »

Five amazing pressure cooker for cooking meat


Pressure cooker may become softer flesh but only but a few wrong moves can turn meat into a shrived tasteless lump. Here are 5 easy tips for better cooking meat! Give your meat a quick all-around before starting a braise or tumble pressure steamed or boiled meat on a heat-proof platter and slide it under the broiler for a few ... Read More »

Pressure cookers, should or should not to use?

pressure cooker best 2015

Pressure cooker are preferred by housewives because of the quickness, especially in the stew. However, it often explodes, causing fire or burns if used incorrectly. In the past the pressure cooker is considered beacuse its dangerous. Some will explode and cause a fire. Now pressure cooker is relatively safe when you know how to use them correctly. Food is put ... Read More »