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3 delicious dishes cooked by electric pressure cooker

3 delicious dishes cooked by electric pressure cooker
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Introduction 3 delicious dishes cooked by pressure cooker

1. seafood porridge:
1 butter rice, swung by a glass wiper blades are included when buying a pressure cooker
Pour the rice with water 10 times in the pot
Add the spices + minced seafood (squid, shrimp, shellfish, steel trap ngêu ) into the pot
Adjust 2025 p or nuts under the soup or congee mode. After about 25 p time signalling lights turn off, wait to add 5 p to self discharge, pressure cooker can add second onion or egg batter into stir you‘ve got a delicious, nutritious porridge.Apply similar to porridge cooked minced meat .
This is the reason to buy a pressure cooker from a young fathers like me, dried Lavender for cooking porridge service report in the normal way, take time the broth boiling water.
2. Fruit Soup + Nail/pig tail with electric pressure cooker
-Nails + pig tail: 300 g500 g should buy at a good price because, Vissan hygienic,little slash. Then thanks to small tight, tight nail do double or tail, fasten 2 fingers.
Carrot, potato soup soup style tight The number equal to or double the amount of pig tail and claws
Nail for pig tails + Tufted dirty water. I used the experience from the kitchen for fast,high performance. Avoiding time games 5-10 p. Avoiding water change go
For the nail + fruit + pig tail into the pressure cooker.
pour the water twice
Add 2 tablespoon of Knorr seasoning
Turn on tune or soup cooking mode cooking time 2025 p.  You‘ve got a delicious soup contribute beneficial for mother‘s milk.
Tip: can buy macaroni, soup, rice cake soup of minced pork, use + country vegetable soup to both change the taste for eating breakfast.
3 .The evil chicken stewed with electric pressure cooker :
evil chicken stewed with electric pressure cooker
Silkie buy live in markets and thanks to people make long clean always. Home just washed. His live spot market price is 20,000 VND/children.
On Oriental medicine shop buying a potential chicken packageswith this package if the subconscious mind can be divided into evil chicken 3 times of cooking.15000k//package 3 timesout only 5 k/times.
For the chicken mixture into the pot + potential + water + medicinal spices (seasoning to pale pale only)
Pressure cooker turn the tunnel about 10 minutes is done has the evil chicken dish stewed smoking North laced to her mother and after the election.
Note: when going to buy chicken, the potential drugs I remember telling people is for ordinary people to eat or she elected to eat. Because she elected the other tiny components will have with ordinary people.

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