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A lot of informations about pressure cooker you don’t know

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The pressure cooker is safe, save money and time, healthy cooking. Many peoples know it. So, there are many informations about pressure cooker that we don’t know. Now, let reading this article to have many information about pressure cooker, to help you get level cooking.

Some genral informations about pressure cooker


Some general tips on what else you should look for or consider when buying:

  • Most pressure cooker recipes call for cooking at 15 psi, so check that your pressure cooker is capable of reaching this level. Otherwise, add 10% more cooking time for a 12-13 psi pressure cooker and 20% more time for an 8-9 psi cooker.
  • You’re going to use your pressure cooker for many years, so do a quick check on pressure cooker companies, and the warrantiesthey offer. Usually, replacement parts for your cooker are not covered in a warranty, so go for a company that always has replacements and accessories in stock.
  • For stainless steel pressure cookers, the best quality ones are those marked “18/10 stainless steel”.This means the stainless steel is composed of 18% chromium and 10% nickel, which makes it more durable, resistant to stains, rust and corrosion, shinier and easier to clean.
  • Many recipes call for the use of accessories such as a steamer basket or cooking rack, so you’d get the best value for your money if you buy a pressure cooker that already comes with one or two of these accessories.
  • If you purchase a large pressure cooker, look for one with two side handles. The pots with food in them get heavy, so it’s easier to lift and handle a pressure cooker with two handles. If folding handles are available, you’ll require less storage space.
  • Non-stick pressure cookers are not highly recommended. Non-stick surfaces don’t last long, and will show signs of wear and tear soon. Currently, only electric pressure cookers have non-stick pots, which can be replaced when needed.

The pressure cooker cans cook so many different things in it! Just remember to stick to the measurements indicated in recipes.

  • Stews and curriesare the most popular pressure cooker recipes, as the ingredients are fairly easy to prepare.
  • Tough cuts of meatbecome really tender when braised or cooked in stew in a pressure cooker.
  • Vegetables and legumesthat normally take longer to cook like dry beans, potatoes and carrots are easily softened in a pressure cooker.
  • You can use the pressure cooker, uncovered, to brown meat and vegetablesfor an added flavour before putting liquids in.
  • Rice and risottoswill cook perfectly every time.
  • Poached or steamed fruitwill make delicious and healthy desserts (and are perfect for baby food).
  • Steamed puddings and cheesecakesusing seasonal fruit will delight the samily all year long.

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