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Common mistakes when cooking with pressure cooker

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In fact that pressure cookers do present an individual with a lot of benefits but many people dont know how to use it to good. And a beginner or an experienced pressure cooker user, they can make mistakes. Mistakes tends to affect the performance of the equipment, not safe or lead to poor nutrition and chances of residual bacteria being present when the food is consumed, etc…


Here are common mistakes to avoid when using pressure cooker:

  1. Inappropriate locking of the lid: This is a mistake which provides you with either a badly cooked food or a prolonged cooking time as the steam that are needed in the best pressure cooker to cook the food is allowed to escape through the openings at those places where the lid is not properly fitted.
  2. Excess cooking time: Cooking food in the pressure cooker too long will make your dish soft as flour. When cooking with a pressure cooker, you should pay special attention to the processing time. You can change the ingredients of dishes, but not be “closed” cooking time. Should review the user manual carefully, or experience accumulated through failed attempts at cooking, to find the appropriate cooking time for each dish.
  3. Cooking all foods at once: This it creates two problems – the vegetables are reduced to soggy nonentities with their flavors mixed to an unnatural extent with that of the meat and the sauces, and the release of these nutrients leads to interference with the creation of flavors in the meats. You need to avoid because it will make an odd-tasting and mushy pile of food. If you want to cooking perfect, you must remember before adding the foods that require less time.
  4. Opening the lid of the pressure cooker whilst the food is not well cooked: This is something that the majority of pressure cooker users always fall foul of as they are fond of doing that they moment they decide to cook with the pressure cooker. This is something that should never be practiced. However, a lot of people are unable to follow this simple rule and tend to open the lid to see for themselves if the food is well cooked or not.
  5. Excess or thick sauces: Cooking with much water is the leading cause of food that is bland and tasteless when cooked in a pressure cooker. Therefore, you should reduce the amount of water when using a pressure cooker. Use only the minimum amount of water needed to maintain the pressure, usually 1 to 2 cups of water.
  6. The way to using spices is wrong: Many best cook book said that scallions, garlic, onion helps enhance the flavor and appeal for food. So, do not put raw garlic cloves, onion living in a pressure cooker. Instead, you should fire on the pan until fragrant garlic and place in the pot to preserve their aroma.

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