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Cook the porridge rib cartilage with electric pressure cooker

Cook the porridge rib cartilage with electric pressure cooker
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Guide Cook the porridge rib cartilage with electric pressure cooker

Rib cartilage porridge, fried very delicious and nutritious. The sweet taste of fried food with the same flank of oatmeal quinces
easy to swallow, then that’s great. Only with a best electric pressure cooker, you will have this delicious porridge dishes quickly.
Porridge the slopes is easy to eat healthy again. You can cook to eat breakfast or eat in the evening. Rich dishes
calcium-rich, delicious simple cooking again as outside.
If cooking pot often, you have to very long flank security to 30 minutes, must constantly adjust the flame so that the
boiling water only fairly strenuous and time-consuming riu liu. Take many such that the pieces were not sure root rib. Because
so, when eating, pieces of cartilage are difficult to chew, especially for the elderly and young children. To adults have to bear the losses. As so, you have to remove the bones much just cause wasted food shows not medium standard. Inferior good, quality
nutrition also are not sufficient. Sweeteners and calcium in the bones and cartilage is very little because the bones are not an inch.
Electric pressure cooker capable of very good food cellar security. Fast cooking time helps you reduce the cooking time
on the stove, the fuel savings. Nine dishes to an inch as your wish. Real cooking timer mode
convenient cause you don’t have to bother much. Cooking pot will always be friendly and safe feeling.
best electric pressure cooker

Cook the porridge rib cartilage with electric pressure cooker

Raw materials
Sticky rice: 100 g
Remaining: 200 gr rice
Rib cartilage: 200,300 gr. Choose the type of rib, software security more quickly, easy to eat.
Pepper, chili powder, dried onion
How to do
Step 1: Bring mixed with glutinous rice, soaked from 1 hour to 3 hours. Rice seeds bloom will help fast porridge quinces and is
more comparisons.
Wash ribs of cartilage, marinated with little sauce, soup for about 15 to 30 minutes.Then, for the ribs to the Pan grease
Fried hot for gold. Note, you turn on the heat to fried ribs of gold ruộm that does not dry out the meat. You just need to fry for gold,
no need to Italy nine inside.
Step 2: For medium rib roast in the pot. Pour champagne down the water in about 5 minutes so that the soft slopes.
Just leave the food in the pot and set the cooking mode with specific time is finished.
Just for real food in the pot, you do these things really quickly thanks to the security functions of tunnel
product. Rib cartilage and the rice will be cooked in conditions of very high pressure and temperature help fast breadfruit dishes
quickly in just about 10 minutes. The cooked dish will have adequate nourishment, an inch of bone, the rice root. All of the substances
will blend into a bowl of steaming porridge and delicious.
The lid of the pot and the pot of seasoned designed products, alloy has the ability to retain heat very well. Heat
degree of cooking and pressure in the high-concentration cookers to cook food in short period of time. Very closed lid
mouth pot by the door locks the lid firmly and solidly. Along with the rubber rings of the same very security system
safe. So, the temperature and pressure are kept in the pot only to be adjusted by pressure or by the discharge
processor temperature and pressure automatic pressure cooker in durable power.
Step 3: For mixed rice has soaked into the pot. Then for the slopes to medium security. Pour water to cook flank security porridge. Module
simmer for about 5 minutes more to porridge and ripe breadfruit cartilage.
Step 4: To pot down pressure, you let the spices into the mouth accordingly. Scoop out the porridge Bowl, cut in a bowl served with Youtiao.
Porridge slopes for more pepper will more fragrant, more attractive. For more or little pepper depending on own taste ever
If the security with the pot often, chances are you will encounter the phenomenon of safe in porridge

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