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Cooking with pressure cooker is an important skill

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You can cook food in a pressure cooker in a variety of ways. The kinds of dishes you prepare in your pressure cooker can range from steamed veggies to soups. It has become one of the bits of the kitchen. Imagine, you have a short time as anyone else, but you can do many different dishes. What an amazing thing. The advantage of the pressure cooker is its pen speed is not the only advantage. It helps protect the nutrients and vitamins. And we think as well as a more economical way to cook. But if you’re using a pressure cooker for the first time, it’s important to know the basic mechanisms of pressure when you start using your pressure cooker. And, we will help you:

Electric pressure cooker needs 4 basic step to cooking

Step 1: Understanding your pressure cooker

When the pressure cooker is turned on, heat produces steam which cooks food faster by raising the boiling point. So you should check to make sure there are no dents or cracks in your pressure cooker before using it. If pressure cookers that have cracked can be dangerous as they could release hot steam and burn you. Pressure cookers come with a steamer basket that vegetables, seafood, and fruit are generally cooked on in the pressure cooker. So the pressure cooker should never be more than ⅔ full of liquid as there needs to be room for the steam to accumulate.


Step 2: Food for cooking

Determine how much food you should eat and water you put in the cooker. Then, prepare them to your cooking becomes easy.

Step 3: Cooking

Make sure to lock the lid. Place the cooker on a larger burner on your stove. Set the heat to high. The cooker will start converting the water to steam. Wait for the pressure cooker to gain pressure. The pressure will begin to rise inside the cooker. When the pressure reaches the designed safety limit, the cooker will begin to simmer the food.

Step 4: Stop cooking and enjoy it

Turn off the heat when your food has cooked for the amount of time given in your recipe. Before move your food, you must make sure lower the pressure inside the cooker. Check to make sure that all of the pressure has been released. Remove the lid carefully. Take the cooked food out of the pressure cooker. It make your safe.

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