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delicious duck cooked by electric pressure cooker

delicious duck cooked by electric pressure cooker
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Do you like to eat duck? Braised duck dishes are crocodiles? If you are a faithful love duck, please quickly write immediately to the Southern style stewed duck cooked with great pressure cooker. This dish is extremely tasty and especially easy to eat you can bread or rice are all suitable.

delicious duck cooked by electric pressure cooker
Material cook duck with electric pressure cooker :

1/2 ducks (about 1, 5 kg); 1 small ginger branch (about 30 g); 23 Purple Onion (about 30 g); 1 tablespoon white wine; 1, also known as manioc tubers legumes (about 200 g); 1 carrot (about 200 g); Few ears to her pile of mushrooms; Straw mushroom(preferences); 1 coconut.

How to do:

Ginger, spicy onions finely.
Tight large pieces of marinated duck with 1 tablespoon white wine, 1 table spoon sugar, 1 tablespoon salt café café, spicy ginger paste, to infuse duck about half an hour. She soaked Eastern mushroom soft, washed. Carrots, manioc trimmed flowers beautiful, thick slice about 0, 5 cm.

Folded under her winter mushrooms, duck, ginger, manioc, coconut water for invading Siamese approximately of material. If pressure cooker Cook, when you hear boiling water, lower the fire small and really to boil for 15 minutes. Off the kitchen,while hearing the boiling then open to grasp.

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Cook the porridge rib cartilage with electric pressure cooker

If cooking pot often, to the pot of boiling duck on fire riu riu until soft (about 1 hour),remember to open the cover and sometimes picked for foam in water. When the duck pot has less fat for lard picked you soft, seasoning with sugar, salt to taste, cooked carrot (carrots if for long cooking, or cooking early on by pressure cooker will be an inch long, ragged, not delicious). If like to eat mushroom is on, wait for boiling, turn off the stove is used.

Note use the pressure cooker properly

Stewed duck with rice vermicelli, noodles or rice with cleanup as soup is also delicious.Remember to clean up with soy sauce, vinegar cups (mix 1 tablespoon soy sauce: ½ tablespoon red vinegar, if like the sweet little more sugar), chilli sauce or chilli chunk would be very appropriate.

A few notes when using:

Cover, screw the lid properly to the lid close the real thing, check out the van and see not stuffy.

Limit the amount of food as for the pot: with the food has high expansion: peas porridge the limit is 2/3 of the pot, the other food (meat, fish) the limit is 3/4 of the pot.

Check the rubber o-ring sealed and before cooking.

After cooking is complete, before opening the lid of the pot, you must check the discharge button slightly, is definitely not a little in the button new vapour dis chargeo pening the lid to avoid flare slightly causing burns.

Electrical pressure cooker rice cooker-like structure, has planted and real lid straps,electric power is higher than ordinary rice cooker. Electric pressure cooker are controlled electronically timed Cook, Cook and cook temperature very convenient, nice price quite high, not yet very common.

Use and storage:

Each type of pressure cooker has a complete user manual, users should note the following requirements:

Should not cook food filled too, only approximately 2/3 the pot is just. With the stew that lined the bottom of the adapter should be to avoid food sticking bottom of pot.
Cover, screw the lid properly to the lid close the truth, verify the van watch it there not stuffy.
When the new kitchen should put up with large flame, when truth boils can adjust the small fire. Depending on the type of food that have different cooking time, should generally follow the instructions in the book. Note cooking time begins at the exit of steam in the valve rather than from the north up the kitchen. Best use a clock to remind the cooking time.
After cooking is completed North to wait until the steam exit off open the lid, if the opening rush may be slightly due to Burns in the pot breaks out. Do not use cold water poured up the pot to cool.
Should be cleaned after use clean, do not use sand paper or abrasive stones scratch the pot. Note cleaned thoroughly in rubber and roăng valves, not to feed clinging to it as boiler or clogged valves open.

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