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Electric pressure cooker – Smart trend

Electric pressure cooker – Smart trend
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Pressure cookers have many feature in cooking stew that its main advantages is cooked very quickly, save fuel and do not destroy the nutrients in food.

Today, the product pressure cooker is divided into 2 categories, the traditional pressure cooker (thermal module), and electric pressure cooker. Traditional pot style was too familiar to consumers, the following article will give priority to assess advantages and disadvantages of this type of pressure cooker electricity use.


Advantages of best electric pressure cooker:

  1. Versatility: Not only made soft food quickly, but also electric pressure cooker can help you cook porridge, cooked rice, broth, soup, steamed fish …
  2. Usability: For electronically controlled cooking timer so you do not have to watch the fire, water intensive as traditional pots.
  3. Save time: just a few simple steps, you save about 1/4 the time compared to conventional boilers. Electric Pressure Cooker interrupt automatic mode should in the meantime, you can still do other things.
  4. Some other extras: With different brands pot will have different cooking modes, some kind of display time, the cooking timer mode. Some additional functions automatically keep food warm for 12 hours, the program backup when power …

Disadvantages of electric pressure cooker:

  1. Price: Price a electric pressure cooker ranges from 1 million to 3 million a piece, more expensive than traditional pressure cooker.
  2. Capacity: The capacity of the popular electric pressure cooker is 5, 6 liters (no pot less than 4 liters capacity)
  3. Capacity of pot: fluctuating in a narrow range, from 800 1000W, higher than ordinary rice cooker.

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