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How to Pressure relief best pressure cooker properly?

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The commonly method for opening the best pressure cooker is the exhaust valve opening pressure, however, faster speed, the exhaust gas in the boiler feed as shaken, evaporate as quickly. Therefore, it is necessary to apply the best pressure cooker by opening different for each type of food to secure nutrition and food flavor enhancer.


Best pressure cooker – The diffrent methods for opening:

  1. High pressure quick exhaust

This is the method for open pot  by exhaust pressure through the exhaust valve, which is also the fastest way to open the lid, only takes about 2 to 3 minutes. Users should use the open lid when cooking quickly cooked and the vegetables.

To discharge pressure:

– Hold the handle to unlock the drain valve to release pressure quickly

– Use your fingers to pull the latch pin pressure relief valve – Application for electronic pressure cooker

– Use your fingers to pull the latch pin pressure relief valve – Application to mechanical pressure cooker

Noting that very hot exhaust valves should be able to wear insulated gloves to open the drain valve or using a tool (rod, clamp) to hold the exhaust valve. Once discharged the pressure in the pot, drain valve in place no longer cries out newly opened lid. If open sooner will endanger you.

  1. High pressure slow exhaust

This method is similar to how open the exhaust best pressure cooker by fast, but users will reduce exhaust speed down more slowly, about 5 to 10 minutes. If using a pressure cooker and can not adjust motor speed, then you should exhaust the gas discharge in waves, turn them off after every 10 seconds to prevent foam overflow valve.

This method is used when cooking hard as rice, grains, beans, and vegetables, but do not have time to use the natural way of reducing pressure are mentioned below.

  1. Lower pressure naturally in 10 minutes

This is the way to the voltage drop by cutting heat with pressure cooker pot to cool down and to reduce the pressure in a natural way. After 10 to 15 minutes, users will exhaust residual pressure in the pot by slow pressure exhaust method (Method 2). This approach is strongly recommended for grains because they are still being cooked by steam in the pot when no heat.

  1. Lowering Naturally

This method is slowest reduced pressure, can take from 10 to 30 minutes depending on the type of pot (electric pressure cooker takes longer because of heat-trapping structure) and the amount of food in the pot. This method reduced pressure to go completely natural after the heat is off. Ie the user is not at all to manipulate exhaust valves, and gas discharged to pot in pot until no longer cries out newly opened pot.

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