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Manual electric pressure cooker to cook rice

Manual electric pressure cooker to cook rice
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Pressure cooker today are familiar with many people doing housework. But how to use properly is one of the big questions for users. Today, pleased to introduce to you the simple steps to use electric pressure cooker to cook rice.

best electric pressure cooker to cook rice

8 steal cook rice with electric pressure cooker

Step 1: Hold the handle rotates in a clockwise direction to open the cover.

Manual pressure cooker
Rotate clockwise to open
Pull the lid off

Step 2: Take the pot out and the material was prepared in the pot (here conducted cooking – ingredients are rice).
Note the amount of water and 1/5 higher food heart & not exceed 4/5 pot heart pot.
Take the pot off the outside
Put the ingredients were prepared in pot

Step 3: Let the pot into the pot body. You must make sure that the pot was dried hearts clean when placed in water, placing the pot in your heart twist to it please contact pot matches the heat wheels. Dry the pot before the body of the pot
Let the pot into the pot to match the tray body heat.
Note: Before placing the pot on the need to check carefully avoid sticking foreign objects on the tray at the bottom of the pot or heat, otherwise the pot will not be cooked and would even be dangerous.

Step 4: Close the lid by turning counter-clockwise.

Rotate counter-clockwise to close the lid
Step 5: Pull the pressure valve lightly to lock airtight before cooking.

Pull gently to lock safety valve

Step 6: Pin wire at source

Pin wiring to a power source

Step 7: Turn the light adjustment button on the front of the boiler to adjust the temperature and cooking time. Here cook rice with 2 cups of cooked rice and selected time is 10 minutes.
Swivel adjustment time

Step 8: Wait 10 minutes later, slightly turn the button to release all of the air pressure outside. Disconnect the power, open the lid and can scoop the rice out.

After 10 minutes the rice has cooked rice you can draw outside
Some parameters of the reference period: (Parameter following relatively purposes only – depending on the volume of cooking you need to change)
Function Cooking rice, porridge cooked meat soup Ham Bone / tendon Cooked beans
Time 10 min 15 min 20 min 25 min 30 min 30 min

Note: Absolute while using unauthorized moving pot. Do not remove your hand or anything put on steam vents may cause burns due.
Before opening the lid to steam pressure discharged if not can be bong.Khong be touching the pot, lid when cooking pot.
Once cooked to unplug the power from the source before you start doing the next steps.
Total water and food must not exceed 4/5 height noi.Sau lap when finished using, wipe thoroughly to the device can perform better. chose the best electric pressure cooker for your family in here

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