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Pork sausage legs fresh cement security by electric pressure cooker

Pork sausage legs fresh cement security by electric pressure cooker
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Homemade pork sausage legs ninh cement dish is familiar to every people. Youshould note, fresh green asparagus need to cook thoroughly and repeatedlydischarging tunnel of cold water before cooking, the cellar or warehouse with otherfoods. To save fuel when making this dish does nothing by using the electric pressure cooker.

However, depending the type of cement, could not give the exact time is to cook the cement within how long that can only try by after cooking, make rodents try bamboo shoots are also bitter taste or not, if longer, instead of the new water tunnel.

Pork sausage legs fresh cement security by electric pressure cooker

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You should pay attention to select the fresh shoots man has length of about 3040 cm. Cut away the original hardware. Knife circled on each foot and then Peel the leaves off the fibre fibre cement, made from high up gradually until Dick shoots out.Cut the song for about 45 cm long, divided into two parts and root out cement tops,chopped tops along the section into thick slices; the original portion, large or small to split in two or four and then cut into thin pieces.

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Then mix in a pot of cold water approximately 3 liters of water with 12 tsp salt, the water flooded the shoots, pickled bamboo shoots in the salt water through at least 6 hours, and then remove the discharge several times with cold water. For cement in a pressure cooker with the number just by 1/2 of the pot and the water surface by magnets. Install Cook for about 6 minutes and to until may discharge safety valve.Open the lid, take the bamboo shoots out, pour the water tunnel, a few times shoots back flushing, cold water, drained.

Quality cements will determine the quality of the dish. Need a bit of experience when tasting shoots after the tunnel to longer cooking sweet crunchy shoots of fresh cement. So when cooking with the meat will măng is taste. If cooking too, when cooking is complete will măng software duct and delicious.

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Homemade pork sausage legs about 1.21.4 kg, choose Hock before for less grease.Clean, tight medium pieces, marinated with: 2 teaspoons salt + 1/2 teaspoon pepper+ 2 tablespoons minced shallot soup. To the meat marinated in spices over 2 hours.For cement and the meat into 2/3 of the pot, meat-side water magnet. Install the potin about 1012 minutes and to until may discharge safety valve. Meat shoots outoptionally add some boiling water and flavoring. Meat quality options to set cooking time for chicken meat are tender to your own. Pork sausage side dish cooked fresh bamboo shoots used in rice dishes or eat with rice vermicelli, edible, aromatic vegetables split types. Dotted with fresh chilli lemon sauce.

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