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Pressure cooker can explode because of misuse

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Pressure cooker explode and cause burns cause major reasons is blotchy, but largely result from incorrect operation. Mechanisms and pressure cooker kind cooker with cover. When cooking, the pot slightly higher but not escape should the pressure be increased and led to rising temperature in the pot. The temperature in the pot this time increased from 110-115 degrees makes food cooked, simmered very fast. However, when the pressure to tolerance levels, there must be a part of the pressure reducing valve ensures pressure equalization. When the internal pressure exceeds a certain level, it will leak out. Pressure reducing valve is simply a cap override gravity outlet steam, strong when we see it rotate steam blow out.


To ensure safety, also arranged on the lid adds a further safety valve pressure relief valves in case jammed the pot, the protective effect is not explosive. Dom pot, pot handles and other details not ensure mechanical strength as well as properly adjusted pressure cooker very easily be explosive. Need to buy famous brand pot correct, no warranty. Operating wrong with the following capabilities: Boil the fire; safety valves and pressure reducing valve is clogged by cooking porridge, cakes molded; cook too full, open pot when the pressure in the pot is too high; weighed by heavy pressure reducing valve to feed fast forward nine more …

6 notes when using a pressure cooker:

– Note pressure reducing valve. Must keep the van clean, not to rust, can check by lifting lift down, if not guaranteed, it must be replaced. To regularly check the pressure valve if it does not switch. Because the pressure reducing valve is clogged, no farting, users enjoy great internal pressure is then immediately wring out every possible explosive burn.

– Do not cook too much food quality. You should only cook about 2/3 of the pressure cooker is just, avoid foods (especially foods such as porridge thick, molded cake …) spilled clog safety valves and pressure relief valves.

– Heat the fire is not too loud. When you see a pressure cooker, it fell sharply deflated smallest fire. Depending on the type of food which have different cooking times, usually should follow the instructions in the book. Note the cooking time starting from when steam escape valve from the north, not to the kitchen.

– Soak the pot into the water bowl. Being modular normal, if you want to open up the need to lift the pot off the water into the pot to cool down or withdraw its pressure relief valves for ever fart out, then newly opened lid.

– Clean carefully in pot washer. After using up cleaned. Need major cleaning in rubber rings and valves, not to cling to food that makes gaskets leaking or clogged valves.

– Do not use any heavy object on the valve. Do not be so eager quickly cooked food which uses heavy object on the pressure relief valve for very dangerous, pot can explode

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