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Pressure cookers, should or should not to use?

Pressure cookers, should or should not to use?
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Pressure cooker are preferred by housewives because of the quickness, especially in the stew. However, it often explodes, causing fire or burns if used incorrectly. In the past the pressure cooker is considered beacuse its dangerous. Some will explode and cause a fire. Now pressure cooker is relatively safe when you know how to use them correctly. Food is put inside the pot with a small amount of liquid. The lid is clamped shut under the manufacturer instructions and be set on fire. When the temperature increases so does the pressure in the pot because the steam and heat have no place to go as it in pots often. If the pressure is dangerously high, it will have a small valve opens or a weight which opens to release steam and stop the pressure from getting any higher. This allows the food to be cooked with high temperature and non-flammable. Foods cook faster in a pressure cooker for 70% more than in a normal pot. You may see some people put pressure cooker under cold water and let it run for a while. When you move the pressure cooker from the stove, it still continues to cook because the steam remains in the pot.

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Electric Pressure cooker, should or should not to use?

There are some other benefits from the use of an autoclave. It’s used high temperatures during cooking so it cleaned of bacteria or germs what exists in the food. In addition, the vegetables retain color when cooked in a pressure cooker. Meat will always be sweet, fragrant and soft when cooked in a pressure cooker. And when you active the valve function, just wait a minute or two, to release the steam pressure cooker during cooking. Note always open the lid away from you. This will ensure that the food will not come flying out and burn you. Currently, there are many kinds of pressure cooker with large volume of about 6 liters to 12 liters. It suits the needs of the family. In particular, the pot is made of aluminum, polished inside and outside. This is an advantage in cooking, safe for health.

Finally, you can see the pressure cooker is a good choice for cooking. It is also environmentally friendly because using less energy and less time. With modern technology, today’s pressure cookers are limited compared to the previous errors. It is quite safe to use.

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