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The best way to use electric pressure cooker

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Pressure cooker is the kind of pot help simmer food due to accumulated vapor pressure by heating from outside. Pressure cooker type previously favored the pressure cooker of the USSR (former), boil on the stove. There are many types of electric pressure cooker diverse and richer. However, this is not easy to use and special needs finesse, careful to ensure safety.


Here are a few tips for housewives when use electric pressure cooker

Actions before use:

– Check the pot, remove the foreign substance in the boiler, place the pot inside the shell internals.

– Check the safety valve, relief valve, ending the fight congestion and washers.

– Select the function and cooking time to suit each type of food.

Note when using:


– Use proper power source specified 220V / 50Hz.

– Socket must be grounded safely with ground wire.

– Place the pot out of the reach of children while cooking.

– Closely follow the unplug the power plug out of the drive.

– Use pots and lids intestine dedicated electric pressure cooker.

– Fill the heat and scouring intestine pot with a soft cloth with detergent (product helps prolong life and reduce the cooking time).

– Replace damaged power cord with wire of genuine software.

– When the product that fails to lead to the correct airline maintenance centers.

Should not:

– Touching the lid while cooking.

– Touching anything to exhaust valve when the boiler is operating.

– Place heavy objects on the exhaust valves or replace them with other discharge valves of the same type.

– Pour cold water over the pot to cool.

– Open the cover of the hot vapor in the pot has not escaped before.

– Plug and unplug the cooker with wet hands.

– Use cooking pot gut on other thermal devices (gas cooker, electric cooker …)

Place the pot on the following positions:

+ It does not balance, slippery

+ Water or heat source

+ Sat walls or other items

+ Directly under the sun or where there is oil.

+ Wash or soak the pot in water, damage the circuit causing electrocution.

+ Insert foreign objects such as metal, metal scrap into the gap under the pot.


– The power cord and plug dilated, deformed, discolored or damaged …

– The power cord and plug hotter than normal.

– Hot crucible unusual and unpleasant smell.

– When turning on the power with other sounds occur.

How to fix:

– Replace with a special cord or assembly available wired or dealer firm providing products.

– Discontinue use immediately and bring the pot to a service center and repair.

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