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The cooking mode of electric pressure cooker

The cooking mode of electric pressure cooker
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Electric pressure cooker has many modes of cooking as cooking, porridge, fan cooking, baking … help for your cooking tasks become easy and fast.
Electronic pressure cooker (Electric Pressure Cooker?) operate similar to pressure cookers (pressure cooker body?) Cook on the stove, but use heat from electric energy to heat the air and create pressure. Also own a lot of pot cooking features such as cooking, Cook the porridge, stew, Cook beans, cooked meat, Cook, pastry … help you manage your recipes very easy.

Cooking rice with electric pressure cooker

Pressure cooker cooking saves you considerable time which the rice after cooking back extremely fragrant. Most pleasing pot is made from aluminium alloy coated with anti-stick should absorb heat quickly and well cooked rice should be cooked evenly and will be flexible, not stick or burn on the bottom of the pot. Just installed the cooking mode (RICE) or install the cooking time is the pressure cooker can operate, the cooking time is about 30-40 minutes. To note,the amount of water used to cook the rice can only by 1/3 in comparison with the level of water cooking rice using a rice cooker (if the same amount of cooking rice) to make sure the rice was tasty.
The cooking mode of electric pressure cooker

Cook the porridge

If you use the pressure cooker to cook the porridge, you only take a short amount of time, about 4050 minutes, depending the pot. For foods with high-expansion foam and much like the porridge should only be for a maximum of 2/3 of the pot to avoid being out movement.

Bone tunnel

Bone tunnel (STEW) is the work we are doing every day with the dish with vegetables, Zucchini, or used as water for the pot. However, to have the bone in the pot of water, then is it not a veo easy. But the pressure cooker can do that. In tunnel mode, the pressure cooker helps reduce time house wives Cook, save electricity, only spend 5060 minutes.

Cook meat

When cooking the meat (MEAT, CHICKEN, BEEF) with pressure cooker you do not need to add more water. With the high pressure, the pot will use the watercomposition in the meat to do nine food, keep the nutrients. Pressure cooker can help you cook the meat dishes are very tasty as beef stock, meat ship Depot, Hock. .. within 50-60 minutes.
Cook beans/tendons
Pressure cookers will also help you cook the beans faster that retains flavor,nutritional value do not cook it for a long time on fire in high temperatures. In addition, the tendon is a dish of treatment for the kind of regular pot. With the pressure cooker, cooking mode/tendon bean (Bean/Tendon) you can get a delicious soft beans, stewed tendon within 6070 minutes. Pressure cooker will help tunnel soft bean/tendons in a short time, after the beans/soft tendon, you add more ingredients/spices on and continue to cook the dish you need.
Make cake
There is a special thing is you can use a pressure cooker to make bread. pressure cooker can replace the bulky oven to help you make delicious cakes. If you make a cake using regular rice cooker, you will take the time to watch and click the button multiple times because the pot is not sealed and not hot enough. Even you have to use the towel shielding to not fall into the water.
With a pressure cooker, you will no longer have to feel such inconvenience again because the the pot has to be legality features automatic bread (CAKE) in just 45 minutes. Besides, the high temperature cooker make cake quickly and evenly through out the golden crust. Therefore, do not need to take more time but you can still get delicious pies to use.
Pressure cookers are today integrated a lot of the cooking mode helps you comfortable choice. Don’t wait any longer without choosing the right for themselves a pressure cooker to prepare daily meals tasty while medium fast forthe whole family.

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