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The mistakes to avoid when cooking with a pressure cooker

The mistakes to avoid when cooking with a pressure cooker
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Are you being a headache because the dishes when cooking with a pressure cooker too boring and tasteless? Maybe you’re stuck in one of the culinary mistake in thefollowing article. Explore together view those are bugs.

Not only has the security

You should not security all the foods in the pressure cooker, should only use this homemade soups, stews and broth. Should change the method of cooking to cleaning, water distillation, will ensure steady taste meals for your family.

Use seasonings wrong way

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Chopped garlic before the astronauts and for pressure
Green onions, garlic, onion will help to increase the attractiveness and flavor to the dish. So, don’t leave raw garlic cloves, onions live on pressure cookers. Instead, you should astronauts garlic on the pan until fragrant and then give the pot to preserve the scent of them.

Not any dish cooked in pressure cooker

This is something that the Little Mermaid should particularly note, especially when processing the food quickly sprouting, as nine boneless chicken breasts. This cuisine will become too hard or too quinces, too bland if to pressure.

Cook too long

Food security in the pressure cooker for too long will make your dishes out an inch soft as powder. When cooking with a pressure cooker, you need a special note to the processing time. You can change the raw dishes, but was not targeted cooking time.So watch those manuals, or accumulated experience through the failed when cooking,to find out the appropriate cooking time for each dish.

For too many countries

Don’t give too much water to the pressure cooker
For too much of the water is the leading cause of making bland and tasteless foodwhen cooked in the pressure cooker. North country cooker stove up just 10 minutes to evaporate off 1 cup water, but at the same time, the pressure cooker only do less than a tablespoon of attrition!
Therefore, you need to reduce the amount of water when using a pressure cooker.Should only use the minimum amount of water needed enough to maintain pressure,usually from 1 to 2 cups water. Remember to view the manual carefully!
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