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The rich family feast with pressure cooker

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Richer family feast with pressure cooker

Urban life makes family feast increasingly monotonous by the lack of time and tired after a long busy day. So with a electric pressure cooker, many housewives have made successful “revolution to diversify the meal!
 best for family

Versatile pressure cooker than you thought

The main chef role of family, many times Ms. Nguyen Ngoc Kim Ngan, at Phan Chu Trinh Street, Binh Thanh district also want to do the dishes picky a bit like porridge bowl of cooked potatoes or Buu for all modified but ultimately fears time-consuming and d. should work. Therefore, the “high-wage Americasometimes has to face in the family menu.
Lament to her close friends were teasing you smile: Oh, go buy one electronic pressure cooker about is done right. She said: what, you Thought only say these bone, chicken stew?. You my sister laugh fainting: pressure cooker Now also do cakes again man, do just that every stew?. She is slightly surprised to hear her you flashed the fruit cakes as cuisine, Thai mango sticky rice … that she had been working only with pressure cookers. No downtime, lost more time well just prepare the materials, put on the pot, electric plug, select the cooking mode,press the button.

Chicken Casserole prepared with Korean-style pressure cooker.

Even her husband, she is also interested in the pressure cooker, this versatile dish Chicken Casserole-style South Korea he DIY entertainment 2 child weekends are praise sobbed. Husband burned at all nasal, as you curious to find out and so I know more is more pretty which he discovered from the pressure cooker. Minutes and then, having to play that the rice cooker is a cooking operation, could not cook more, her sister‘s husband took the right pressure cooker out of cooking rice. She thought him fully, where delicious rice no doubt poorly cooked using rice cooker type cooler. He laughed: I don’t read the instructions, you study the few today. Not just flesh tunnels, slopes, but also cooking, Cook the porridge, Baker again that . Also extremely easy to use, just select the corresponding mode with foods, and click! When cooked the cooker will automatically switch to hot”, you don’t need to worry about cooking too cold food soon.

Rice pressure cooker cooking seed going a lot more delicious because it is cooked with great pressure, will maintain absolute seemed inherent flavor of grains of rice.
And yet, each morning she also reassured when  breakfast for you right at home, don’t need expensive cafes rows out without adequate nutrition and hygiene. Because electric pressure cookers also include cooking timer function within 24 h. The evening before going to bed, I put the material into the pot full and select the cooking mode, the timer, the countdown start time and the pot will automatically Cook when time runs out. The following morning both had delicious fish porridge pot immediately or pot of soup noodle dish for scented shoots of smoked sausage.


Not just convenience, save that in terms of the quality of the dish, I also discovered that thanks to heat sealed so the pressure cooker cooking cuisine fast medium back just keep many nutrients and the sweetness of the food than Cook for long time with conventional gas stove. Luxury design, pattern and colour also subtly attuned to modern kitchen style-style that I like.


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