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The way to use pressure cooker for beginers

The way to use pressure cooker for beginers
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Pressure cooker enables you to cook quickly without much trouble. What makes pressure cooker is the coolest thing on earth is no matter what kind of method you use for your cooking, this still can keep the vitamins and mineral in the substance of the foods. It can keep the vitamins and mineral in the substance of the foods. But, if you do not have any experience before with a electric pressure cooker, it can be challenging to operate this. That is why you need to know step by step how to use pressure cooker.


It is important to know how it works. Pressure cooker produces steam that enables you to cook quickly. This thing raises the boiling point gradually. You should also know that there are two kinds of pressure cooker. The first one is the oldies that has pressure regulator at the top of the pipe.

When use pressure cooker, it is still important to pay attention to certain details:

  • Be sure to read your pressure cooker manual carefully.
  • Before cooking, make sure that the inner part of the lid rim, outer rim of the pot and the valve are clean. Check that the gasket is flexible and not dried out; replace if necessary.
  • Do not fill the cooker more than two-thirds full (or half full for foods that may froth, e.g., beans and grains, or are mostly liquid).
  • Once the cooker reaches high pressure, it is important to lower the heat immediately. If left over high heat, the food may become overcooked. If using an electric stove, use the two-burner system: While the cooker comes to high pressure over high heat, heat a second burner to medium-low or low heat. When the cooker reaches high pressure, move it to the second burner and keep it just hot enough to maintain high pressure.
  • When removing the lid, tilt it away from you to protect yourself from the escaping steam.

After, it is time to prepare your meal. Know that in best cook books instruction, you may find that there are some guides for the preparation of any kind of food. After that, decide how much liquid (or water) that you have to pour in your pressure cooker.

Next, put the foods you need to cook in your pressure cooker. Pour the water needed, lock the lid, and put the pressure cooker on the gas stove. Do not forget to put the heat in high level.

In this process, your pressure cooker will gain the heat to cook your food. Check on the indication. As it reaches the highest level, lower the heat to make your pressure cooker simmer. You can also set the time in your cooker based on the certain recipe you are making. If it has reached the setting time, turn off your gas stove and reduce the pressure of your cooker. When reducing the pressure, do not ever lift the lid up.

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