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Tips For Successful Cooking With Pressure Cooker

Tips For Successful Cooking With Pressure Cooker
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Pressure Cooking requires many different skills. If you feel stuck, you can follow these simple guidelines for meal:

  • In a pressure cooker stove-top, add a small amount of oil such as olive oil into the pot before cooking, heat setting, cover. Return the cooked food when you are ready and taken from the pot with the remaining ingredients and cook under pressure. For cooker, follow the same steps just described, select the settings Brown.
  • Do not give too much water into the pot. Do you worry that the food is not cooked? Forget it. Because food cooks in a closed, sealed pot when cooking under pressure, you have less volatile and therefore use less cooking liquid when cooked in an ordinary pot.
  • Not for food more than two-thirds of the pressure cooker. Also, never packed tightly foods in a pressure cooker. If you do not follow the basic rules for cooking under pressure, the pressure cooker will not operate efficiently, affects the way the food comes out. You can also cause the safety valves to activate, especially if there is too much food in the pot.


Pressure cooker: heat and pressure level are very important 

  • When you reach pressure over high heat, you lower the burner to a simmer. Gas burners react quickly, but most electric burners don’t. If you have an electric stove, use two burners: one on high heat to reach pressure and a second set on a low setting to maintain pressure. Switch the pressure cooker over to the burner with the low setting when you reach pressure.
  • Select the desired pressure level by pressing the button on the high or low voltage control panel. Then, set the desired time you want to cook under pressure by pressing the buttons high or low to increase or decrease the cooking time. Press Start and wait for the pressure cooker beeps. It tells you your food is ready.
  • Be careful when cleaning the pressure cooker. Do not soak the equipment in the country and always make sure to unplug it before cleaning.

After reading, you can still get nervous and unfamiliar. However, this will quickly pass as you you apply this in practice. That helps you to verify the above tips as well as your cooking skills.

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