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Tips To Reduce Temperature Pressure Cooker

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Pressure cookers are devices commonly used to cook fast food handy software. However the pressure cooker should also be hypothermia to protect its life and safer to use, you need to know how to reduce heat applied properly with each dish. Before opening the autoclave, the sisters note must be very careful to avoid burns. We will share tips for reducing the temperature or pressure cooker.


This method is used for meat, produce foods foam or scum during cooking and the dishes with plenty of water. Just pot off the stove and set aside for 5 to 20 minutes for pressure drops gradually before opening the lid.

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Tips to reduce air pressure cooker with cold water

This is the fastest way to relieve the pressure of the pot and is also a good choice for dishes from vegetables, to stop heat quickly to avoid major cooking techniques led to corruption, pasty. You can set the pressure cooker in the sink, tilt it slightly and rinse under cold running water to the outer edges of the region into the pot. Cold water stream flows through the region will gradually and down both sides of the edge. But you should pay attention, do not let the water flush directly into the valve or vent the pot.

Tips to reduce the pressure cooker temperature fast

This method is useful when you want to mix the ingredients in the dish, such as soup. Type modern pressure cooker with pressure relief valve for convenience for the user. To avoid scalding pot heat from your hand, you should use the spoon to exhaust valve pot. Do not take this approach for foods with high liquid content or create scum, foaming during cooking, because they can clog valve pot. This approach should also be applied with meat, because they can make the meat was tough.

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