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Why a Pressure Cooker Better Than a Slow Cooker

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Why the power cooker pressure cooker? What is the difference between a pressure cooker and slow cooker? Is pressure cooker really necessary? These questions will be answered when you read this post:

Cooking without plan

You can see, this is the difference between the first and second largest pot of this kind.

Previously, when cooking with slow cooker, you lose a lot of time to plan the future, shopping and preparation of materials. But if cooking with a pressure cooker, you will feel extremely lucky. Because with a pressure cooker, you can prepare in advance for 6:00, when you return home with a nice cut of beef for stew braised, and still eat deliciously soft at 7:00 pm. This is really essential in cooking. You do not want to lose too much time to set up the plan? You want dinner on the table quickly? Tất cả phụ thuộc vào lựa chọn của bạn, nồi áp suất hay nồi chậm.

Wonderful gift for vegetarians

The pressure cooker with vegetables traded better than the slow cooker, which tends to make them mushy. Pressure cooker also features keep taste good. In fact, vegetarians desired perfect taste like cooked in a pressure cooker for so long. But the slow cooker does not.


If you are active

Pressure cooker with many smart features. It will help you to do many different things. For example, cooking rice, stew, porridge … However, the slow cooker does not do that. It only slow cooking. Also, while the brown of crucial components for flavor, pressure cooker allows you to cook and fry immediately in a pressure cooker itself.

Safety is number 1

For reasons of safety, the pressure cooker is the master. From design to functionality are secure. A pressure cooker is a much more Efficient option.

Pressure cooker: you can cook out anywhere

If you live at that altitude change of water level, you can still use a pressure cooker. It will help you get the desired dish. This is definitely not for the slow cooker. Because rigidity of this type of pot.

I think, there is no reason for you to refuse pressure cooker. Safe, convenient, smart, diverse … is all that many people mentioned. Do not worry about money because there are so many types of pot with your wallet.

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