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Why should kitchen electric pressure cooker?

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Recently, many housewives heard commented on how buy a pressure cooker. Many people still wonder how many houses did the pots already has to have a pressure cooker? Pressure cooker effective in cooking what?

Basic things to know about the electric pressure cooker

Pressure cooker is designed pot with a lid so that the truth contained. This minimizes steam in the cooking pot generated from escaping, causing the temperature inside to rise, help feed nine faster than normal. Therefore, the pressure cooker is seen as a security context for stews, or hard foods without spending a lot of time and materials.

To achieve these conditions, the pressure cooker is quite simple geometry. A pot is designed to make sure by thick metal. The metal is usually processed into aluminum alloy or stainless steel 304 durability and safety of food. To ensure the operation and safety of consumers, pressure cooker requires parts such as safety valves, pressure release valves, washers, bolts. Currently on the market there are 02 kinds of pressure cooker: the pressure cooker to cook on gas stoves, electric cookers – from electricity and pressure connections.


Advantages of pressure cooker:

  1. Save time:

In many best cook book, the pressure is rated save time. With operating principle was introduced above, the cooked food, especially more expensive items while ago now been reduced many times (maybe faster to 70% compared with ordinary cookers) . This helps the busy sisters still eligible cook delicacies of their family caregivers.

  1. Fuel economy:

Before topsy-turvy situation of the gas market, finding a way to save is true culinary preoccupations of many women. In the family often stewed food security for the tender bone surely be wasting a lot of fuel. Inner city housing is not always have enough space to use charcoal and firewood. As for the gas stove can only pity for the payment of excess fuel to cook the dish just right. With characteristics make food quickly cooked, quick tender, faster cooking times also make fuels such as gas, electricity and interpret it to the least expensive.

  1. Not only delicious, but also nutritious:

Even achieve savings element, which the sisters caring homemaker special attention not only food that is ripe soft, water stew cooked quickly, but remain high tasty and nutrients in food.

With these advantages, the pressure cooker is really a great choice for the dish: soup, meat warehouse, stewed beef, stewed chicken, bone and security … to both the names “stubborn”, such as tendons, oxtail … but also quick tender. Many sisters “Unveiled” was using a pressure cooker to cook the banh chung Tet, fresh bread still green, still plastic, no less sticky bread cooked in the traditional way. It’s the convenience that brings pressure cooker will help you take good care of her family, especially young children, the elderly, the sick. Plus, this is a device that takes in the kitchens of restaurants or bars in the tunnels and processed broth delicious and nutritious.

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