About Us

We are an online reviewer of electric pressure cookers and products for enthusiasts of quick, tasty meals.

So – “why doesn’t everybody use one?” This question arose after closely reading a cooking time table revealing how quick these cookers were compared to traditional cooking methods.

It became clear to us that there were just a few trustworthy brands. Discovering what the differences were between the available models did take some time. We resolved to look for something that would be good overall value, eventually deciding on one with a particularly handy set of cooking options, and bought it.

After trying it out, we were flat out impressed at how simple and quick it was. It turned out to be even more useful than we originally imagined. Lots and lots of meals later, we were still asking the very same thing: “why doesn’t everybody use one?”

We determined to set out to try to inform folks about electric pressure cookers by doing the research to keep up to date and by developing this site with reviews. This is where we examine manufacturers’ latest models and assess their new features.