Black Eyed Peas in the Instant Pot

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2-cups black eyed peas (soaked (quick soak in the InstantPot) or frozen)
3.5 cups broth (chicken or vegetarian)
4 slices bacon (cooked)
1 onion
½ cup carrot diced
2 small stalks celery or 1 regular-sized stalk
2 cloves garlic

Important to note, this recipe can easily be doubled.
Add all ingredients to the InstantPot and secure the lid, ensure the pressure valve is secure and NOT in the steam position. Select the manual option and adjust the time to 18-miutes (Important to note, I used 18 because my family enjoys our beans on the more tender side). I allowed my pressure to release naturally as I was waiting for family and I was in no hurry – you can release the pressure after 10-minutes.

Quick soak method for beans in the Instant Pot:
1 cup dried rinsed beans
4 cups water
1 tsp salt

Add all ingredients into the InstantPot and using the manual option adjust time to 2-minutes. When the time is over use the quick release method being extra careful to monitor what is coming out of the steam valve because you do not want anything other than steam to be coming out.
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