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Differences between Thermal Cooker and Electric pressure cooker

best electric pressure cooker

Brewed pot:  Thermal Cooker was used and disseminated from very long ago, especially in Taiwanand Japan. This type of pot is useful for people who like and often cook the porridge,water dishes and stews. Advantages of this type of thermal cooker this is help save energy when cooking food, not hot and can keep infamous for so long. Currently on ... Read More »

Magefesa Practika Plus 6L Pressure Cooker


Magefesa Practika Plus 6L has the heft of the premium cookers without the flashy design (or price) – but the savings is paid in quirks.  Once the cook figures out the Practika’s naughty gasket and tricky valve this cooker gets the job done consistently, reliably and predictably. The Magefesa Practika Plus has the standard set of redundant safety features, comparable ... Read More »

Lihom LJP-HK100GDE 10-Cup Rice Pressure Cooker

Lihom-LJP-HK100GDE 10-Cup-Rice-Pressure-Cooker

If you want to be a pressure cooker hunter, there are a few crucial things that you need consider, not only the color and type, but also the price. Why it is exhausting to find a proper but cost-effective rice cooker? These rice cookers that are lightweight and user-friendly will make your choice easier, and most of them are easy ... Read More »

Salton PC1048 Stainless Steel Electronic Pressure Cooker


Electric pressure cookers are extremely versatile and this Salton PC1048 Stainless Steel Electronic Pressure Cooker is an excellent product that has pretty much all the standard features you see in most of the electric models.  The concept of pressure cooking is not new as it came into existence decades back when French physicist Denis Pappin invented the steam digester in order ... Read More »

Cuchen Smart Multi Pressure Cooker is versatile, healthy


Cuchen Smart cooker was designed stylish and easy to use cooker. It is fast, versatile and healthy. It can be used as toaster oven, Saute/Browning, Slow Cooker, Rice Cooker, Steamer, Yogurt Maker. It will do all the cooking for you at just press preset button. This multi cooker can cook meat, soup and vegetables as well as bake and make ... Read More »

Harvest Cookware Pressure PRO Automatic Pressure Cooker


Harvest Pressure Pro is an automatic pressure cooker that claims to cook your family favourite dishes in minutes with a simple press of a button. Harvest Pressure Pro promises to save you time in the kitchen while you express your passion for cooking and impress your loved ones. Many of us are hard pressed for time today because of the ... Read More »

FairWind 6.3 Quart Pressure Cooker


The FairWind 6.3 Quart pressure cooker guarantees perfect results every time. The digital controls give you access to programmable cooking times, delayed timers plus 8 multifunction’s, giving you plenty of control over your cooker. It can literally do anything. The preprogrammed functions of FairWind 6.3 quart pressure cooker include the following: Soup Meat/Stew Poultry Beans/Chilli Rice Porridge Steam Cake You will be ... Read More »

AmeriHome 6-Quart Electric Pressure Cooker


When time is scarce and tummies are rumbling, rely on this electric pressure cooker to swiftly prepare meat, beans, rice, and a bevy of other staples. Simply toss ingredients into the cooker’s nonstick pot, secure the self-locking lid, set the digital LED timer, and breathe in the ensuing aromas. If you’re unsure of how long to cook, preset functions are ... Read More »

Calphalon Stainless Steel Pressure Cooker Reviews


As one of the major brand appliance kitchen and cooking needs calphalon pressure cooker is far superior compared to the generic brand and be able to compete with other premium brands are more expensive. There are many reasons to choose a calphalon best pressure cooker at your home. This multifunctional product can do a variety of jobs including frying, cooking, ... Read More »

EZ Bean Cooker EB-CM10 Electric Pressure Cooker Reviews


The EZ Bean Cooker EB-CM10 electric pressure cooker is an excellent choice for cooking raw beans quickly. Versatile and compact, the kitchen accessory is a completely safe way to prepare beans when time is something that you are short on. For an easy and enjoyable cooking experience from start to finish, try out the EZ Bean Cooker. The EZ Bean Cooker EB-CM10 ... Read More »