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What is the pressure cooker body?

top best electric pressure cooker

Pressure cooker engine can meet all requirements from security cooking, stewed to porridge, soup of you in the shortest possible time. Along learn advantages and disadvantages of mechanical pressure cooker to easily choose a product like that. Pressure cooker body is really just an ordinary pot on the stove using gas or electric stove is the type of cooking with ... Read More »

Experience purchase old appliances

best electric pressure cookers 2015

Owning a household items used with good quality and bargain price is the choice of not a few families in hard economic times today. Although buying secondhand can be slightly “luck“ but if you know how to check carefully as the need to buy,you can select the map user is even better than buying new. Refer a few experience choose to ... Read More »

How to fix common problems fast when using electronic pressure cooker

Electric pressure cooker lid is difficult to open

When using a pressure cooker, especially electronic pressure cooker occasionally sisters will meet the unexpected incidents and if not treated good will can delay cooking time or does not guarantee safety for the user. This article will give you how to overcome common problems quickly when cooking with a pressure cooker. Electronic pressure cooker lid open, there is the phenomenon of ... Read More »

Discharge pressure pressure cooker how to properly?

Gas discharge pressure slowly

The method of opening the pressure cooker as gas pressure discharge valve open, however, exhaust speeds as fast food inthe pot as possible being shaken, evaporate as fast. Therefore, the need to apply the pressure cooker open way for each different type of foods to preserve nutrition and taste the dish. The article would like to introduce some of open the ... Read More »

Select buy pot brewed or electric pressure cooker?

pressure cooker

From couple of years now, the annealing pots, slow cooker, electric pressure cooker is quite common on the market with many code samples, diverse brands, however the sisters home maker stood before the choice should buy boilers would still very disturbed, how to choose to buy the pot fit, reasonable when using the avoid buying back throw with. VnReview share a ... Read More »

Guide to cooking rice, glutinous sticky rice cooking with pressure cooker

best electric pressure cooker

Guide to cooking rice, glutinous sticky rice cooking with pressure cooker With a versatile electric pressure cooker, you can cook the rice pea sausage really delicious for dinner or cosy little daughter made cakes sweet dish for weekend afternoon gather family fun. Sausage rice peas with pressure cooker Sausage rice pea is a nutritious food, provide plenty of protein, nutritional supplements ... Read More »

The cooking mode of electric pressure cooker

Electric pressure cooker has many modes of cooking as cooking, porridge, fan cooking, baking … help for your cooking tasks become easy and fast. Electronic pressure cooker (Electric Pressure Cooker?) operate similar to pressure cookers (pressure cooker body?) Cook on the stove, but use heat from electric energy to heat the air and create pressure. Also own a lot of ... Read More »

The rich family feast with pressure cooker

best for family

Richer family feast with pressure cooker Urban life makes family feast increasingly monotonous by the lack of time and tired after a long busy day. So with a electric pressure cooker, many housewives have made successful “revolution“ to diversify the meal!   Versatile pressure cooker than you thought The main chef role of family, many times Ms. Nguyen Ngoc Kim Ngan, at Phan ... Read More »

delicious duck cooked by electric pressure cooker

delicious duck cooked by electric pressure cooker

Do you like to eat duck? Braised duck dishes are crocodiles? If you are a faithful love duck, please quickly write immediately to the Southern style stewed duck cooked with great pressure cooker. This dish is extremely tasty and especially easy to eat you can bread or rice are all suitable. Material cook duck with electric pressure cooker : 1/2 ducks (about 1, 5 kg); ... Read More »

Cook the porridge rib cartilage with electric pressure cooker

best electric pressure cooker

Guide Cook the porridge rib cartilage with electric pressure cooker Rib cartilage porridge, fried very delicious and nutritious. The sweet taste of fried food with the same flank of oatmeal quinces easy to swallow, then that’s great. Only with a best electric pressure cooker, you will have this delicious porridge dishes quickly. Porridge the slopes is easy to eat healthy again. You ... Read More »