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Pork sausage legs fresh cement security by electric pressure cooker

Homemade pork sausage legs ninh cement dish is familiar to every people. Youshould note, fresh green asparagus need to cook thoroughly and repeatedlydischarging tunnel of cold water before cooking, the cellar or warehouse with otherfoods. To save fuel when making this dish does nothing by using the electric pressure cooker. However, depending the type of cement, could not give the ... Read More »

How to cook beef shed team authentic taste with pressure cooker

Beef stock, wine sauce beef is the number one choice in the menu on the family the weather turning cold. Below are instructions on how to cook beef kho, simple and delicious wine sauce beef. Beef kho is a dish very familiar of the Vietnam, especiallythe South. Beef kho washed in culinary life and become indispensable to their dishes.Many moms ... Read More »

3 delicious dishes cooked by electric pressure cooker

Introduction 3 delicious dishes cooked by pressure cooker 1. seafood porridge: –1 butter rice, swung by a glass wiper blades are included when buying a pressure cooker –Pour the rice with water 10 times in the pot –Add the spices + minced seafood (squid, shrimp, shellfish, steel trap ngêu …) into the pot Adjust 20–25 p or nuts under the soup ... Read More »

Tips on using and preserving electric pressure cooker


Multifunction electric pressure cooker is the workhorse of many housewives. Discover some tips on ways to use and preserve effective pressure cooker. Choosing multifunction best electric pressure cooker There are many types can be integrated from 5 liters or more. Often the family of 4 to 6 people often choose choice option from 6 to 8 L. When choosing to ... Read More »

Tips To Reduce Temperature Pressure Cooker


Pressure cookers are devices commonly used to cook fast food handy software. However the pressure cooker should also be hypothermia to protect its life and safer to use, you need to know how to reduce heat applied properly with each dish. Before opening the autoclave, the sisters note must be very careful to avoid burns. We will share tips for ... Read More »

Pressure cooker can explode because of misuse


Pressure cooker explode and cause burns cause major reasons is blotchy, but largely result from incorrect operation. Mechanisms and pressure cooker kind cooker with cover. When cooking, the pot slightly higher but not escape should the pressure be increased and led to rising temperature in the pot. The temperature in the pot this time increased from 110-115 degrees makes food ... Read More »

Electric pressure cooker – Smart trend


Pressure cookers have many feature in cooking stew that its main advantages is cooked very quickly, save fuel and do not destroy the nutrients in food. Today, the product pressure cooker is divided into 2 categories, the traditional pressure cooker (thermal module), and electric pressure cooker. Traditional pot style was too familiar to consumers, the following article will give priority ... Read More »

A lot of informations about pressure cooker you don’t know


The pressure cooker is safe, save money and time, healthy cooking. Many peoples know it. So, there are many informations about pressure cooker that we don’t know. Now, let reading this article to have many information about pressure cooker, to help you get level cooking. Some genral informations about pressure cooker Some general tips on what else you should look ... Read More »

Pressure cooker and benefit that you should know

Today, pressure cooker is appearing in the market with many models and different styles. So there are many choices for customers, but also so that the customer does not know how to choose products reasonable for the kitchen space or with the ability of their families. power cooker pressure cooker Dont worry, we will give advice for you to know should ... Read More »

The best way to use electric pressure cooker


Pressure cooker is the kind of pot help simmer food due to accumulated vapor pressure by heating from outside. Pressure cooker type previously favored the pressure cooker of the USSR (former), boil on the stove. There are many types of electric pressure cooker diverse and richer. However, this is not easy to use and special needs finesse, careful to ensure ... Read More »