+Cuisinairre Deep Fryer! [:] Cuisinairre Single Commercial Restaurant Grade Deep Fryer REVIEW?+

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Cuisinairre Deep Fryer! [:] Cuisinairre Single Commercial Restaurant Grade Deep Fryer REVIEW?

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Cuisinairre Deep Fryer!: Cuisinairre Single Commercial Restaurant Grade Deep Fryer REVIEW?
The “Cuisinairre” Deep Fat Fryer features commercial restaurant grade Brushed Stainless Steel construction with a 1750 Watt immersion heating element, heavy duty stainless steel fryer basket, polished stainless steel lid cover and 6-Liter stainless steel cooking oil tank. 6-Liters total oil capacity. Thermostat automatically maintains temperature from 140F to 392F (60C to 200C). Dial reads in Centigrade (60C to 200C). Conversion chart from Centigrade to Fahrenheit is included with directions. Electrical cord plugs into common 2 prong plug with ground.

Cuisinairre Deep Fryer!: Cuisinairre Single Commercial Restaurant Grade Deep Fryer REVIEW?
IMPORTANT: At highest temperature setting on a 110/115 Volt circuit, the commercial rated heating element pulls just less than 22 amps. To keep from tripping the breaker, you must plug this fryer into an outlet connected to a 20 Amp dedicated circuit or higher. If you are planning on using a 20 Amp circuit, no other items can be plugged into the same outlet or be on the same circuit. If you will be using a 25 Amp or 30 Amp Circuit, certain other electrical items can be on the same circuit, depending on their current draw.

Cuisinairre Deep Fryer!: Cuisinairre Single Commercial Restaurant Grade Deep Fryer REVIEW?
Check the amperage rating of each outlet you intend to plug this unit into and please do not purchase if you do not have the correct amperage available. Note: To insure correct operation after placing temperature controller/heating element into frame, small white safety switch on bottom of temperature control unit must be fully depressed. If small white safety switch is not completely depressed, heating unit will not come on and may appear to be defective.

Cuisinairre Deep Fryer!: Cuisinairre Single Commercial Restaurant Grade Deep Fryer REVIEW?
Most Helpful Customer Reviews

22 of 26 people found the following review helpful
Makes really good fried chicken…Excellent fryer!
By AH on October 9, 2012
Verified Purchase
The fryer was excellent. I made the best fried chicken and pot sticker dumplings from this. It is bigger than your conventional fryer, so you can put plenty in and fry away. The temperature is in Celcius instead of Fahrenheit, so a suggestion to the manufacturer is to change this since everyone in the US are sp use to fahrenheit. All you need to do is add oil, crank it to 200 on the temperature dial and you should be cooking about 395-400 degrees. At this temperature, you can just about fry anything you put in it.

Cuisinairre Deep Fryer!: Cuisinairre Single Commercial Restaurant Grade Deep Fryer REVIEW?
4 of 4 people found the following review helpful
5.0 out of 5 starsFinally… one that really works!
ByG. Bellon October 4, 2013
Verified Purchase
Heats quickly to proper temps (350F – 390F) as verified with a candy thermometer and maintained those temps well. While not quite as heavy grade stainless as a true commercial restaurant fryer (however it’s $100’s of dollars less) it certainly is built well enough for the most demanding home kitchen and weekend use at a fair, social or the like. Others have mentioned sharp edges but I haven’t had any problems in that regard. Highly recommended.

Cuisinairre Deep Fryer!: Cuisinairre Single Commercial Restaurant Grade Deep Fryer REVIEW?

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Cuisinairre Deep Fryer!: Cuisinairre Single Commercial Restaurant Grade Deep Fryer REVIEW?

Cuisinairre Deep Fryer!: Cuisinairre Single Commercial Restaurant Grade Deep Fryer REVIEW?

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