Emeril CY4000001 6 qt. Electric Pressure Cooker by T-fal Review

Emeril CY4000001 Features

1. Capacity: 6 quart.
2. Dimensions: 14.1”(width) x 14.1”(diameter) x 16.5”(height).
3. Materials: 14 pounds.
4. Color: Silver.
5. Accessories: A steamer bowl and 47 recipes from Emeril and T-FAL are included.
6. Rated Power: 1000watt.
7. Warranty: Manufacturer provides a one-year warranty.

Emeril CY4000001 Safety

The hermetically sealed locking lid has two safety locks, which works when pressure is built up so that it can not be opened until the pressure has been completely and safely depressurized.

Easy to Use
The cooker is very easy to use for everyone, even those who have never used a pressure cooker before. There are five presets such as high and low pressure, brown, simmer and sauté. Just by pressing the menu button, you choose any of them.

The time of food can pressure cook can be as long as 99 minutes, it is long enough for the toughest cuts of meat. What’s more, the cooker can also brown food at 356 degrees, sauté at 284 degrees and simmer at 185 degrees. When the cooking is done, the cooker will keep warm for as long as 12 hours automatically. You can choose either to release pressure quickly or to wait about 30 more minutes to let it release pressure by itself.

Easy to Clean
The cooker comes with a 6-quart nonstick dishwasher-safe cooking pot.

Emeril CY4000001 Customer Reviews: (4.6 out of 5 stars)

There are 47 reviews on Amazon, 36 people gave it a five-star rating, 8 people gave it a four-star rating, 1 customer gave it a three-star rating. 1 customer gave it a two-star rating and 1 customer gave it a one-star rating.

1. I use this cooker at least three times a week, it is so easy to dump everything in there and set it for about an hour and the meat fall off the bone and the flavors are infused.
2. This is my first electric pressure cooker. It is really easy to use. You do not continually monitor & adjust the stove burner temperature. Simply set it and forget it.
3. I have never been more satisfied with a cooking product than I am with this pressure cooker. It looks delicious food and it is quick and very easy to work with.

1. This pressure cooker takes much longer time to cook meat. It actually takes twice as long to cook a beef roast.

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