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Lauki ka Halwa – Calabash Pudding-Doodhi Khoya Halwa- दूधी खोया हलवा – using Mealthy Multipot / InstantPot
Minimum for 3 Qt Cooker-
Servings: 3-4
3 tbsp, Ghee/ Clarified Butter
250 gms, Bottle Gourd/ Lauki/ Dudhi, De-seeded and Grated
75 gms, Powdered Raw Cane Sugar
50 gms, Powdered Mawa/Khoya/ Whole Milk Solids
1 tbsp, Milk Powder
1 tsp, Cardamom Powder
Optional Chopped Almonds / Dry Fruits of Choice

Minimum for 6 Qt Cooker-
Servings: 6-8
6 tbsp, Ghee/ Clarified Butter
500 gms, Bottle Gourd/ Lauki/ Dudhi, De-seeded and Grated
150 gms, Powdered Raw Cane Sugar
100 gms, Powdered Mawa/Khoya/ Whole Milk Solids
2 tbsp, Milk Powder
2 tsp, Cardamom Powder
Optional Chopped Almonds / Dry Fruits of Choice

A 3 QT cooker can cook smaller quantity of pudding than 6 QT cooker.

Additional Equipment:
A time keeping device/ Mobile Stop watch

Detailed Steps:
00:00 Intro- Calabash Pudding/ Dudhi Khoya Halwa/ Lauki Mawa Halwa
00:17 add Ghee/ Clarified Butter
00:24 Spread ghee at the bottom of the pot
00:32 add Calabash / Bottle Gourd, De-seeded and Grated
00:37 add Powdered Raw Cane Sugar
00:43 add Powdered Mawa/Khoya/ Whole Milk Solids
00:52 add Milk Powder
00:59 add Cardamom Powder
01:04 add Chopped Almonds / Dry Fruits of Choice
01:10 Ensure ingredients are spread evenly in pot
01:17 Close lid; for Instant pot & Multipot 1 adjust valve in Venting mode
01:32 Select Steam Mode, High Pressure, Adjust Timer for 8 minutes
01:40 Start a timer for 18 minutes using a device of choice, we will be steaming the halwa for a total of 18 minutes
As we are setting the valve in venting mode your steam cooktime might not start, we will stop the steam mode when 18 mins are complete.
The moisture in Doodhi will be reduced due to venting of steam, the doodhi will cook with caramalized sugar, milk solids/khoya giving a perfect texture to this halwa.
02:22 After timer for 18 min is over, press Cancel, wait for float valve to fall down
02:37 Open lid and stir the halwa while it cools down, Stir the halwa lightly mixing the ingredients for not more than 1 minute.
You might find that some sugar has got over caramalized giving a roasted texture to the halwa, we have chosen a cook time which will not burn the halwa, it get roasted just enough to taste better …

Your Pudding is ready to serve.
Serving Suggestion: Please serve the pudding warm.

Calabash Pudding/ Bottle Gourd Pudding / Dudhi Khoya Halwa/ Lauki Mawa Halwa is an India sweet desert, which is cooked in different styles through out India.
Lauki halwa or dudhi is a sweet Indian dessert made of bottle gourd and taste super delicious. This lauki halwa is so scrumptious and simple that you will enjoy making it any time of the year!
In this method we will not be sauteing doodhi and cooking it in milk, we will be using a layered method which reduces cook time.

Please make sure you follow the proportions of ingredients to get successful results.

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