Make Guy Fieri’s Quick BBQ Brisket – How To

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We invited Guy Fieri, the President and Founder of Flavor Town to the MUNCHIES Test Kitchen to show how to a make BBQ brisket in a pressure cooker, a truly “out of bounds” recipe. He works with Culinary Director Farideh Sadeghin to get through as much innuendo as possible in 11 minutes. When you taste the brisket you’ll be like, “this cooked in 30 minutes???” It’s that tender.

The fall apart meat gets nestled between a toasty buttered bun and topped with a bright, yogurty broccoli slaw. Mr. Fieri imparts his wisdom on a very special guest by teaching him “the hunch” method, a stance that makes it possible to enjoy your sandwich without getting it all over yourself.

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