Make the Perfect Eggless Caramelized Cheese Cake – Bhapa Doi Caramel Cake

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How to make the Perfect Eggless Caramelized Cheese Cake- Bhapa Doi Caramel Cake Instant pot Mealthy Multipot
Toffee Sauce Recipe Link :

Imagine the taste of caramelized milk with yogurt, topped with crème caramel, lemon salted apples and mild flavors of crackers to contrast with the burst of flavors on your palate.
Want to make a cake without eggs, flour then you must try this Eggless Caramelized Cheese Cake – Bhapa Doi Caramel Cake.

175 gms, Grahams Crackers/ Marie Biscuits
1/2 cup, Walnuts
1 tbsp, Confectioners Sugar/ Powdered Sugar
3 tbsp, Unsalted Butter
1 1/4 cup, Greek Yogurt / Hung Curd
1/2 tsp, Cardamom Powder
1/2 cup, Raw Cane Sugar
3 tbsp, Unsalted Butter
5 tbsp, Heavy Cream/ Fresh cream
Apple Slices for garnishing
1/4 piece, Lemon/ Lime
1 pinch, Salt

How to make the cake from scratch:
00:00 Intro- Bhapa Doi Carmel Cake
00:23 Steps to Make Cake Base:
00:26 Add Grahams Crackers or Marie Biscuits to a mixing jar
00:37 Add Walnuts to the mixing jar
00:42 Grind the contents on jar to a powder and add to a mixing bowl
00:49 Add Confectioners Sugar/ Powdered Sugar, mix well, please check the sweetness of the crackers or biscuits before you add sugar, we do not want the base to be sweet
00:57 Add unsalted butter to the powder and mix well
01:07 Take a 6 inch spring form pan & add spread the mixture at its base, you can use a 6 inch aluminum foil if you do not have a spring form pan, the pan makes baking easy.
01:13 Press the mixture to form a even hard base for cake, keep in refrigerator for 30 min
01:24 Steps to Cook Cake, Pick a Mixing bowl of you choice
01:31 Add Toffee Sauce the the bowl, recipe to make toffee sauce is here
01:42 Add Greek Yogurt / Hung Curd and Beat to create a homogenous mixture
01:54 Add Cardamom Powder and mix well
02:11 Pour batter on cake base in the spring form pan, give a gentle tap to settle the batter
02:24 Cover the top surface spring pan with aluminum foil
02:31 Add about 2 1/2 cup of water to the inner pot of the cooker and place the trivet in the pot
02:41 Place the cake pan on the trivet with care
02:47 Close lid; for Instant pot, Multipot 1 adjust valve in Sealing mode
02:54 Select Pressure Cook Mode, High Pressure, Adjust Timer for 25 minutes, For Multipot 2 set Pressure Release mode to Natural Pressure Release
03:06 After cooktime allow Natural Pressure Release for 10 minutes
03:16 Instant Pot / Multipot 1: Turn Pressure control valve to venting mode, Multipot 2: Press Cancel and Long press Pressure Release button, Open lid after pressure valve falls down
03:29 Take out cake pan and let it cool down and Refrigerate the cake for 2 hours, let the cake become cold and stabilize in the refrigerator
03:40 This topping is optional and gives a extravagant look and taste to this cake.
03:44 To make the sauce, heat a pan of choice on a cooktop
03:49 Add Raw Cane Sugar to the pan, roast well till the sugar melts and gets a golden amber color
04:02 Add Unsalted Butter, mix the butter well with the sugar caramel
04:11 Add Heavy Cream the mixture, Mix the cream in the topping and mix well
04:21 Pour the Crème Caramel to a bowl of choice
04:27 Peel the skin of an apple, remove the apple core, cut it into slices, squeeze lemon on the apples
04:32 Add Salt to the apples and mix well
04:40 Takeout cake from the spring form pan with care
04:49 Spread the crème caramel topping on the cake and garnish with sliced apples
You are all set for a delicious caramelized milk yogurt treat. Enjoy.

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