Power Pressure Cooker XL Review

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Hi Guys, today I’m reviewing the Power Pressure Cooker XL 6 Quart. LINK TO Power Pressure Cooker XL: http://amzn.to/2sfRUGB The unit is 13 inches tall, 13 inches wide and 11.5 inches deep. The cord is 35 inches long and using an extension cord is not recommended.
This is the lid with a pressure seal and vent valve. For safety, there won’t be pressure build up if the lid is not closed correctly. Also, the lid can only be opened when all pressure is released.
There is a rubber gasket under the lid. Turn to open the lid. The inner pot is nonstick and has a max line. Don’t fill above it. It holds 6 quarts and has markings. Also, if you’re cooking rice or beans, don’t fill more than halfway since they’ll expand during cooking.
The stainless steel base has a control panel with seven modes of cooking. The different modes are listed in the manual with their cook times. All seven modes have a default time. You can press the cook time selector button and choose medium or well for longer cooking times. So if you’re cooking a stew, the default setting is 10 minutes. You can change to medium which is 30 minutes or high which is 60 minutes. When you’re making rice, us the selector to choose white, brown or wild rice. The time adjustment is what you use to set a specific time for cooking with any mode. The manual has a cooking chart for meat and vegetables and the amount of liquid to use. You can also cook frozen foods in this unit without defrosting, just add 10 minutes extra for meat.
Included is a measuring cup, ladle, steamer tray and condensation collector. The collector goes on the back of the cooker. Empty this after each use. There is an instruction manual, recipe book with recipes for meat, soups and stews, rice and desserts. A canning manual with recipes is also included.
When you first get the unit, wash the pot, lid and gasket (pull it out of the lid) with warm soapy water and dry. Put the pot in the base, fill ⅔ full with water. Put the gasket in the lid, put the lid on and turn until you hear a click. Rotate the pressure valve to the lock position. Attach plug to the cooker and then plug into a wall outlet. Press Canning mode and set for 10 minutes.
When the cycle is finished, using tongs, rotate the pressure valve to the open position. This allows the pressure to release quickly. Open the lid holding onto the black handle. The steel parts are hot. Let the unit cool to room temperature and discard the water. Rinse the pot and dry it. Now you can start cooking with this unit.
You saw how this pressure cooker xl performed. If you want to give this pressure cooker a try, I’ve put a link in the description below.
You can use the unit to sautee onions and brown meat before you make a stew. The lamb was moist and absorbed all the flavors in the gravy. The rice was cooked perfectly at about the same or faster than some rice cookers. There was no issue with the unit coming up to pressure and releasing it. I hope you found this review useful. Share this video and subscribe for reviews of products you use every day. Thanks for watching. I’ll see you next time 🙂

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