Pressure Cooked Fried Chicken

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This is a meal that is very diabetic friendly. It is easy and everyone in the family will enjoy it. Especially the cook.
For the diabetic, there are no carbs in the chicken. So it should not raise blood sugar readings. Add a salad some pickles a vegetable and you have a great dinner.
Use spices you like make it super hot or mild, Change the spices on separate pieces of the chicken. Make it so you and your family can all enjoy it.
For the cook it is fast and easy and not a bad meal to clean up later.
You can cook the chicken in the pressure cooker then freeze some of it for a later meal. Thaw it out and brown it in the broiler pan, or on the bbq. You could coat the pieces with spices or a bbq sauce then brown it for different flavours with the same meat. Have some dipping sauces for people who like to dip their foods, or like to put it on the chicken itself. The sky is the limit for those.
I used a whole chicken but legs work well and legs with the back attached would also be good.
It is good cold so you can send it in lunches as is or cut it up and add to salads.
Notice how I do not mention sandwiches. They are not diabetic friendly but once in a while they make a nice treat.
The only chicken Don ever liked was rotisserie so that is what I made for him but that changed when I tried this method. Now it is our go to meal.
I hope you try it and more important I hope your diabetic family member enjoys it as much as Don and I do.

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