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Welcome to The Pressure Cooker Centre, Australia’s foremost specialist in pressure cookers, operating since 1968. At, we have the largest range of pressure cookers and spare parts for virtually all makes and models available in Australia, from the most trusted names in the pressure cooker industry, and at the best everyday prices!

We stock WMF pressure cookers from Germany that have a removable lid handle for easy cleaning, Fissler, also from Germany, Silit pressure cookers, which come in an array of bright colours, world-class Kuhn Rikon, beloved by chefs everywhere due to the easy-use mechanism and variant sizes of their pressure cooker lines, Tefal from France that provides cookers with multiple features for convenience, Fagor, which gives the best value for money, world-class Scanpan, Silampos Classic from Portugal, which carries pressure cookers made in the traditional style, and lastly, Cuisinart and Tefal electric pressure cookers. We have a pressure cooker to suit any kitchen cooking need and anyone’s budget or lifestyle!

The Pressure Cooker Centre, Australia’s leading pressure cooker specialist, carries the largest range of pressure cookers and spare parts, delivering to Australia and international locations, too! Call us at 1800 266 069, or visit our site for more information.

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There’s also a huge range of free recipes available at to get the most out of your pressure cooker!

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Orgreenic Cookware: Do You Need It?

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Can You Make Juice Without a Juicer?

Preparing fresh juice in your home is always a much better alternative to getting packaged juice from the marketplace. It makes certain that you do not miss out on out on the live enzymes that dissipate within an average of 15 minutes from the preparation.

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The Food Insurance Coverage Essentials Kit is put out by the Food Insurer as well as is a practical survival bundle. It is a top quality item that can support one individual for two weeks.

Do You Need Pressure Cookers in Your Kitchen?

Pressure stoves are by far not a brand-new innovation, yet with better innovation they have become safer as well as much easier to use than ever before. So why do you need Stress Cookers in your kitchen area?

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The Indian food consists of a wide assortment of various sort of pulses such as masoor dal or the red lentils, toor dal or the yellow gram, urad dal or the black gram and moong dal or the green gram. The majority of the pulses are made use of as whole as well as dehusked. Split pulses are also widely used in the Indian cuisine.

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After checking out evaluations on the Keurig I decided to buy one. The reviews were really excellent so I thought the requirement of the device need to be extraordinary value. The Keurig Coffee Maker passed the test with flying colors This Coffee Maker is gone crazy around by all the testimonials that I read as well as this captivated me to check into the maker further

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There are numerous various brand names of barbecue grill available today and also a lot of those brands have a number of various versions in their line-up. It can be difficult and also time-consuming to figure out which one is the very best selection for your cooking needs. Right here are a few requirements to help you narrow your search.

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Healthy reduced fat cooking in Clay Bakers or Pots is something to check out. Why is it healthier than claim a ceramic baker? Let’s have a look at the history of Clay Pot food preparation, as well as the wellness benefits of preparing your family members dish this way.

The Very Convenient Stainless Pot

Stainless pots made of steel are a should have in any major cook’s cooking area. These convenient kitchen pots can be utilized for a wide variety of reasons. They likewise come in a big variety of sizes and also some varying forms and textures.

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As a stay-at-home mother, you possibly spend a little even more time in the kitchen than the average individual, which suggests you are deserving of a fantastic kitchen area collection. As a mama, you want the most effective for your family, yet you might not be considering that with low-cost pots and pans.

Juicers Are Great For Healthy Eating and Healthier Cleaning Too!

Juice is just one of the fastest methods to obtain Vitamin C and also potassium. A citrus juicer makes it possible for fresh fruit juice often. One usage of a citrus juicer typically ignored, is using lemon juice for a pure and also all-natural cleansing item. Merely adding lemon juice to water offers an ongoing cleaning agent to your kitchen area at a very little expense. The expense is minimal because it is much less than chemical cleansing items that clarify more on their unsafe effects, than on how to make use of for cleaning …

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Weber is understood for making a few of the very best barbecue grill offered on the marketplace today. They have various types readily available and each type usually is available in a few different designs. The Weber Genesis Gas Grill line is among one of the most preferred lines of gas grills. There are six different models to select from in the Weber Genesis line. It can be puzzling to understand which is ideal for your cooking requires, so right here is some info on the primary differences between those 6 Weber Genesis gas grill designs.

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