Pressure Cooker Rice Pudding in Pressure King Pro 6l pkp part 1

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This video is part 1.

How I cook a yummy rice pudding. Hopefully help some of you who struggle. 4 ingredients. Simple method. Ignore where I say 750ml milk in the video it is only 700 for sure.

Don’t meddle with the quantities to double as that is a sure fire way to end up with a milk fountain…

This will work well in any electric pressure cooker but be sure your machine can handle the volume. In mine it never gets the inner lid dirty unless like in my vid you accidentally open the valve too fast whilst talking. The milk is under pressure and will escape from the main valve if you use too much or open too quick.

25g Butter (any)
50g Castor Sugar
100g Pudding Rice
700ml WHOLE milk (or 600 milk 100 double cream)

Happy to answer queries below 😁

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