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Pressure cooking

00:00:32 1 History
00:02:19 1.1 First generation
00:03:04 1.2 Second generation
00:03:52 1.3 Third Generation “Electric pressure cookers”
00:05:24 2 Theory
00:08:04 2.1 High altitudes
00:10:34 2.2 Health benefits
00:11:07 2.3 Foods unsuitable for pressure cooking
00:11:30 3 Design
00:11:38 3.1 Capacity
00:12:07 3.2 Pan
00:12:22 3.3 Lid
00:13:07 3.4 Accessories
00:14:07 3.5 Gasket
00:16:02 3.6 Safety features
00:19:11 3.6.1 Maximum fill levels
00:19:40 4 Operation
00:19:49 4.1 Liquid
00:20:25 4.2 Bringing to pressure (stove top pressure cookers)
00:22:47 4.2.1 Removal of air
00:24:16 4.3 Food containers
00:25:46 4.4 Pre-frying ingredients
00:26:38 4.5 Pressure release methods
00:27:19 4.5.1 Manual, normal, regular, or automatic release
00:28:23 4.5.2 Natural release
00:29:24 4.5.3 Cold water quick release
00:30:44 4.6 Pressure settings
00:33:03 5 Advantages and disadvantages
00:33:13 5.1 Advantages
00:35:57 5.2 Disadvantages
00:38:11 6 Use as weapons
00:38:45 7 Variants
00:39:34 8 See also

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“The only true wisdom is in knowing you know nothing.”
– Socrates

Pressure cooking is the process of cooking food, using water or other cooking liquid, in a sealed vessel known as a pressure cooker. This simulates the effects of long braising within a shorter time.
Almost any food that can be cooked in steam or water-based liquids can be cooked in a pressure cooker.The cooker works by trapping the steam produced from boiling the cooking liquid inside the vessel. This causes internal pressure and temperature to rise quickly. After use, the steam is slowly released so that the vessel can be opened safely.

Brief History Of Robot Coupe

When the French catering company employee Pierre Verdun realized that his clients invested a large amount of time preparing vegetables he created the first fundamental food processor. It was an extremely standard version and was very little greater than a dish with a blade in the bottom that relocated to perturb the active ingredients. This was the start of the firm understood in the United States as Robotic Sports car USA Inc.

Stainless Steel Knives – 3 Great Tips To Prevent Rust

There is nothing more frustrating than spending an expensive quantity of money on so called ‘quality’ stainless-steel knives only to have them rust within 6 months of use. What most individuals do not understand is that many stainless steel knives are made with a mixture of carbon as well as iron which is far from corrosion proof. This implies that without sufficient care, the chromium oxide added to shield most blades can put on off resulting in deterioration of the knives.

Aga Cookers – The S Series – Unconventionally Beautiful!

There’s an Aga cooker for each kitchen area. As well as one for every chef. The S collection is creating a continuous mix with its non-traditional angle on conventional cooking.

Stainless Steel Cookware For Delicious And Nutritious Home Cooked Meals

The perfect meal begins with the freshest component. Cooking a scrumptious as well as healthy dish, needs combining the appropriate components with the appropriate technique and also utilizing the appropriate pots and pans. Large cooking pots and frying pans, small pots, deep soup pots, huge fry pans, little omelet frying pans, frying pan, all have their very own unique uses.

Different Applications Of Commercial Food Mixers

There are a great deal of different organizations that are devoted to making food to market, as well as they are commonly diverse and have various specialties. This is because numerous individuals have various tastes in food, and food can be enjoyed from various ways.

Cheese Boards for Your Picnics or Tailgate Party

Several outing baskets include a cheese board and also tools, which is great for a little intimate picnic. However, lots of picnic baskets don’t have any type of cheese boards or utensils. When I returned to my home location, I brought with me the cutting/cheese boards that I had actually gathered over the years and also then acquired that my mom had. I have recently learnt that there is even more to a cheese board than meets the eye.

Best Ice Cream Makers 2011

Ice lotion, where would certainly the world lack them? Guy has actually been eating the things because he began scooping handfuls of snow as well as seasoning it with syrups of his option. In truth most of the dishes that we make use of even today are as old as the Persian Realm that first started the trend.

Best Kitchen Knives for the Best Chef

Preparing a meal and also preparing them can be bothersome if you do not have the right tools as well as kitchen device like the finest cooking area knives useful and also prepared. When speaking regarding the most effective cooking area utensils, some people believe that this is only suitable to specialist cooks as well as to restaurants.

Homemade Bread – Should You Buy a Bread Maker?

There are numerous sort of bread. Several of them are healthier than others. It’s up to us to choose the best one. The fundamental concept is the a lot more processed the ingredients, the much less healthy the bread is.

Hand Decorated Cookies Supplies

Though you can certainly find cookies embellished for any kind of event in any kind of store or through a website on the web, you can also deal with hand embellished cookies by yourself. This can be enjoyable as you can make enjoyable productions with each period or vacation and also have a whole lot of enjoyable doing it. All you need to do is to get the best materials, find out just how to utilize them, and after that practice.

The Spanish Legacy of Fruit: The Romans and the Olive

The olive originated from Asia over 6,000 years earlier. The cultivation of it is believed to have offered wide range for the Minoan kingdom. It was presented to Europe by the Phoenicians however it was the Romans who along with the grape grown and increased the handling of olives within Spain.

Omega Juicers Draw All Of The Good From Your Fruit And Vegetables And Leave Nothing But Waste Behind

You do not have to stress over losing flavor from your most enjoyed vegetables and fruits; omega juicers maintain every one of the remarkable taste that you want as well as only obtains rid of the waste. Omega juicers do not remove the terrific gain from your veggies as well as fruits, it just cleanses them up so that you can consume on your own to a healthy new you.

All American 921 Quart Pressure Cooker Makes Cooking Process Almost Perfect

If you are trying to find a Stress Stove, All American 921 Quart Stress Stove can be your best choice. It features a big capability that does effectively in canning vegetables as well as nonacid fruit. It is made from cast aluminum that enables it to catch warmth flawlessly to eliminate also more germs than normal pot …

A Few Reasons Why You Might Want to Own a Bread Machine

By now the majority of people have actually become aware of bread makers. The name alone gives you an idea of what your obtaining; an equipment that makes bread. While this is real there is so much even more to having your own. Not just will you conserve cash, you’ll have accessibility to a range of bread, and it’s very simple to use.

Cuisinart Elite Collection 14-Cup Food Processor Review

Thinking about acquiring food mill? Discover what the 5 points to remember while getting a mixer.

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