PRESSURE KING PRO – My New Digital Pressure Cooker 😀

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Hi everyone 😀

So finally I got a pressure cooker haha long overdue.

I was not well when I made this video but still couldn’t help myself as I really wanted to try out this pressure cooker and I also had a few friends asking me about this pressure cooker so I thought why not just make a video.

I’m happy with it so far but only time and more cooking will tell.

Here is the link for the cooker:

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I see myself as a pretty good chef. Nonetheless, somehow I never ever ventured to create a “clam chowder” kind dish. This is genuinely weird thinking about each time I go to a dining establishment as well as they provide clam chowder, I buy it. Probably component of the worry originated from producing the lotion base or food preparation with clams. I’m not truly sure, however I ultimately conquered the anxiety by cheating.

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If only you had even more time! So you didn’t feel so rushed all the time! So you began preparing the meal previously! So- It appears like it’s time to go back as well as see just how a crockpot/ sluggish stove can develop a tasty meal as well as liberate a great deal of your time too.

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Have you been looking for the perfect Chili Recipe for your family? Don’t have the capability to monitor it as it cooks? Use your crockpot for this delightful recipe. This dish is not planned to be hot and also spicy. If you like it hot, of course, include more chili powder, chili pepper flakes or some hot sauce. You can likewise substitute the moderate salsa for tool or hot as well. This recipe is great all year round but particularly on a cold winter day.

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