PRESSURE KING PRO – My New Digital Pressure Cooker 😀

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Hi everyone 😀

So finally I got a pressure cooker haha long overdue.

I was not well when I made this video but still couldn’t help myself as I really wanted to try out this pressure cooker and I also had a few friends asking me about this pressure cooker so I thought why not just make a video.

I’m happy with it so far but only time and more cooking will tell.

Here is the link for the cooker:

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Not daily is a beautiful sunny weekend break mid-day when you have the entire day to laze about as well as treat a piece of meat to barbecued excellence. There are lots of rainy Mondays, tests on Tuesdays, wild and also wet Wednesdays, full Thursdays, and frenzied Fridays to undergo before you get to the next lazy day. Actually, many days of the week have us running around attempting to satisfy difficult job, school and also play timetables which make it challenging to find 10 minutes to wolf down a sandwich, not to mention 10 hours to barbecue a roast of monster. Yet that’s no reason you can’t be appreciating great barbecue also when you go to your busiest! Meet the crockery pot, savior of the hectic individuals of the world!

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A few days ago I was looking through my grocer’s once a week sale leaflet as well as I located myself believing, “The simpler the preparation, the even worse it is for you.” Consider junk food. No prep work, but totally undesirable.

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I call this sluggish cooking in the rapid lane, since I use my slow-moving cooker to manage the fast lane of my life. I frequently discover myself running from work to consultation, grabbing kids, asking yourself when I am supposed to have time to prepare. Well here is the response. My crockpot cooks for me, while I run. When supper time comes, or when I finally have time to collapse, there is a warm, yummy meal awaiting me. These 10 pointers are the fundamentals for effective crockery pot cooking. sharifcrish. This simple crock pot dish makes an easy and scrumptious meal for those hectic weeknights. This Poultry Busts a l’Orange recipe is a simple chicken recipe that is fast as well as healthy.

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I see myself as a pretty good chef. However, for one reason or another I never ever ventured to create a “clam chowder” type recipe. This is absolutely weird considering each time I go to a dining establishment as well as they use clam chowder, I buy it. Maybe part of the anxiety originated from producing the cream base or cooking with clams. I’m not truly certain, yet I lastly conquered the concern by unfaithful.

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I’m a fan of casseroles- meat, veggies, as well as carbohydrates done in one recipe. But when you truly take a look, you recognize as you’re preparing that casseroles are genuinely NOT a one dish meal.

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