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Cooks Essentials pressure cooker has Never Been Enjoyable

Cooks Essentials pressure cooker has Never Been Enjoyable
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When was ask about Cooks Essentials 5.25 qt. Round Stainless Steel Digital Pressure Cooker, an customer answer: “Cooks Essentials 5.25 qt. Round Stainless Steel Digital Pressure Cooker was a gift for a friend who has used it almost daily since receiving and is so happy”. Another customer said that: “This best electric pressure cooker makes cooking much faster and half the price of some other brand”.

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Details about Cooks Essentials pressure cooker:

–         Digital display with programmable/delay timer

–         Roasts in under 60 minutes

–         Six pressure settings: rice, beef, soup, chicken, vegetable, and keep warm

–         Cool-touch lid

–         Stainless steel construction

Outsanding features of Cooks Essentials was writen in many best cookbooks for beginners and best selling cookbooks 2015.

Doesn’t Stick

Cooks Essentials does not stick! Ninety-nine percent of my former pots and pans had a hotspot in the middle where everything cooked faster than the rest of the pan. Even distributing your meal and redistributing it when it needs turning is a pain.

Heat Distribution

Going back to the hotspot, my cookware doesn’t get hot only in the mid section. Heat is distributed through out the pots and pans evenly, thus everything cooks evenly and is all done at the same time.

Ease of Handling

One fault I have found with my Cooks Essentials is that the screw that attaches the handle to the pot or pan comes loose in a small amount of time. I had only had mine new set three weeks when I first noticed this problem. One tightening with the screw driver fixed this error right away. I haven’t had to retighten again.

Ease of Cleaning

The non-stick surface makes washing the cookware a cinch. As of yet, I have not had to scrub my cookware. A regular wash is all that is needed.

The design of the cookware is an updated, modern look that brought my kitchen to life. The new colors that are available are hard to choose from. I wanted to take them all home.


All of my pots and pans in the cookware set seem to be durable and sturdy enough to last a few years. Whether you cook a little or a lot, these pans will keep up with the job.
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