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Lihom LJP-HK100GDE 10-Cup Rice Pressure Cooker

Lihom LJP-HK100GDE 10-Cup Rice Pressure Cooker
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If you want to be a pressure cooker hunter, there are a few crucial things that you need consider, not only the color and type, but also the price.

Why it is exhausting to find a proper but cost-effective rice cooker? These rice cookers that are lightweight and user-friendly will make your choice easier, and most of them are easy to clean and cute in design. They all stand out among some famous brands, such as  Tiger Corporation and  Panasonic that specialized in producing quality rice cookers, so you don’t need to worry about the quality issue. These pressure cookers wouldn’t generate much noise during their work and they are effortless to set. If you choose one among these rice cookers of effortless cleaning and long-time durability, you will not regret for this decision in future, and you will make you full of energy and get much happiness.

Lihom-LJP-HK100GDE 10-Cup-Rice-Pressure-Cooker

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If you already realize which rice cooker you actually need, like the one that is ideal for cooking appetizing cooked rice for your family, and the other one that can keep the heat of your cooked rice over a very long period of time, well, you can efficiently get it here.

Lihom Cuchen, a leading manufacturer of rice cookers in Korea. The LJP-HK100GDE 10 is another beautiful addition to Lihom’s luxurious line of kitchen appliances! Part of Lihom’s “Black & Silver” series, the LJP-HC073VE is a 7 cup IH (Induction Heating) pressure cooker capable of efficiently cooking rice, GABA brown rice, GABA multi-grain rice, bean sprout rice, scorched rice and many other things…even slow cooks spaghetti sauce! Other features include: cooking countdown time display, keeps warm & reheats, lid-opening prevention & quick-cooking/preset cooking timer.

Details of Lihom LJP-HK100GDE 10-Cup Rice Pressure Cooker

–         IH (Induction Heating): A cutting edge heating technology that allows equal cooking of each rice grain, making rice faster & tastier

–         Diamond Coating: The inside surface of the inner pot is coated with diamond micro-particles making it more durable and scratch resistant

–         Voice Navigation: The voice system alerts you to the progress of your cooking, as well as other functions

–         Golden Dimple inner pot design increases thermal efficiency, resulting in faster, tastier rice

–         Automated steam cleansing function cleans the rice pot lid and nozzle parts

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