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Magefesa Practika Plus 6L Pressure Cooker

Magefesa Practika Plus 6L Pressure Cooker
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Magefesa Practika Plus 6L has the heft of the premium cookers without the flashy design (or price) – but the savings is paid in quirks.  Once the cook figures out the Practika’s naughty gasket and tricky valve this cooker gets the job done consistently, reliably and predictably.

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The Magefesa Practika Plus has the standard set of redundant safety features, comparable to its peers. An oddly-placed lid vent gives this cooker’s score a small ding. Including:

  • Self-locking Handle – When the red pressure indicator begins to rise, it will automatically lock the pressure cooker  closed preventing the cook from opening it accidentally while the contents are under pressure.
  • Correct Placement Nub – A small metal  projection inside the lid, that pushes the gasket slightly out of alignment to stop the cooker from building pressure if the lid is just rested on top of the cooker or the lid is not properly locked.
  • Primary over-pressure release valve – Integrated in the pressure selector, it activates to release pressure if internal pressure exceeds 18 PSI it begins to release excess pressure.
  • Secondary safety valve – Integrated in the red pressure signal activates if the primary should be obstructed or not working properly to release pressure.
  • Gasket vent – The safety vent is a cut-out on the lid and comes into action in case any of the previous safety measures were to fail. The gasket will buckle and allow pressure (and some of the contents of the pressure cooker) out of the best pressure cooker. The cook should always point this cut-out in the rim away from him while operating the pressure cooker. Unfortunately, the vent of this cooker is on the left, while the pressure release is exhausted to the right. This means that this vent must point towards the cook in order for the pressure release to point towards the cooking back splash.

Features of Magefesa Practika Plus 6L Pressure cooker gets our top rating in this category:

  • Pressure Selector – Choose from four settings with a twist of a knob: High pressure 15psi (100kpa), low pressure 9psi (60kpa), pressure release and no pressure (to remove the valve).
  • Easy to Clean Valve – The valve twists right out of its housing for easy rinsing and cleaning, without the need for tools or complicated operations.
  • Fill Lines – Capacity marks inside the pot indicate, 1/2 full (maximum for cooking grains, beans and other foamy foods) and MAX (maximum for regular pressure cooking).
  • Thick Aluminum Disk – Practika’s 3-ply base features an aluminum disk which is 4mm thick -thicker than most economy pressure cookers.  For comparison, the premium WMF Perfect plus aluminum disk is 4.5mm thick)

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