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Salton PC1048 Stainless Steel Electronic Pressure Cooker

Salton PC1048 Stainless Steel Electronic Pressure Cooker
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Electric pressure cookers are extremely versatile and this Salton PC1048 Stainless Steel Electronic Pressure Cooker is an excellent product that has pretty much all the standard features you see in most of the electric models. 

The concept of pressure cooking is not new as it came into existence decades back when French physicist Denis Pappin invented the steam digester in order to reduce the cooking time during the classic period of 1679. Even, now, it becomes popular. Because, cooking in a pressure cooker not only does it cook more quickly, but a pressure cooker can effectively tenderize cheaper cuts of meat that are typically tough. Pressure cooking allows food to be cooked at a greater humidity and temperature than is possible with traditional boiling, steaming or frying foods. The temperature of food is limited to the boiling point and a pressure cooker allows the steam to be trapped, increasing the temperature inside the pot. Pressure cooking can be used to quickly simulate long braising or simmering.

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Salton PC1048 Stainless Steel Electronic Pressure Cooker stainless steel pressure cooker is one such electronically controlled pressure cooker equipped with all the latest technologically advanced quick cooking features for a pleasurable and trouble-free end-user experience.

Provided with 5 function control of pressure cook, warm, brown, and slow cook, this electronic pressure cooker is a multifunctional smart kitchen appliance for everyday’s cooking making tedious meal preparations an easy breezy task.

 The Salton Stainless Steel Electronic Pressure Cooker has 5 different functions, including:

  • Pressure cooking– High and Low settings
  • Brown– High heat for browning meat and vegetables
  • Slow Cook– Use the pressure cooker as a traditional slow cooker
  • Steam– Use the included stainless steel trivet to steam vegetables, fish and more
  • Warm– Keep food hot using the warm function

The lid of the pressure cooker has a silicone gasket seal and the pressure valve. Once locked in place, it creates a strong seal, perfect for creating the pressure in the cooker.

The pressure regulator on the lid has 3 settings. If you are using the pressure cooking setting, then the regulator needs to be set for pressure.

The generously big 5 L of cooking capacity makes family meals in a go while the advanced pressure regulating mechanism preserves flavors and nutrients of the food.

Additionally, the Salton PC1048 Stainless Steel Electronic Pressure Cooker does give you an option to cook food either on low or high pressure depending on the type and cut of different food items. Pressure release safety valve and cool-touch exteriors of the device offer smooth and safe operations while nonstick coated interior cooking bowl makes cleaning a cinch.

With dimensions of 12.3 x 14.3 x 12.3 inches and weight of not more than 11 pounds, the device is fully portable and easy to be moved around. The sleek look and stainless steel finish of the device aesthetically suits any sort of modern age smart kitchen theme. The unit can be easily accommodated on the kitchen countertop and does provide a neat and compact storage when not in use.

Overall, Salton PC1048 Stainless Steel Electronic Pressure Cooker is an awesome electronically controlled smart kitchen appliance for experiencing the pleasure of convenience cooking.

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