Simfonio Simpot 6 Qt Electric Pressure Cooker Review

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This electric pressure cooker is similar in style and functionality to the InstantPot and other brand name pressure cookers. It comes with a spare red silicone seal and all other accessories can be found inside the pot. To open the lid, twist the handle counter-clockwise and lift it off. You can rest it in the handles on either side. Inside the unit you’ll find: a pair of silicone finger mitts, the 4 ft power cord, a rice paddle, ladle, and measuring cup, a stainless steel steaming basket, instruction manual and recipe book, and the 6 quart stainless steel inner bowl. The inside of the cooker has a non-stick coating on the inner surface for easy cleaning; the heating element is on the bottom and is pressure activated so only turns on when the inner pot is inside.

On the bottom of the lid you’ll find the debris filter and a silicone sealing ring pre-installed, but it can be removed for cleaning or if it needs to be replaced. The red silicone ring is exactly the same size, but because it is colored, doesn’t stain or discolor as easily. On top of the lid you’ll find the pressure release valve next to the pressure steam vent. The lid closes easily and smoothly which just a small clockwise twist. The inner bowl is marked with cup and liter capacities on one side, and max fill lines on the other. The lower one is for foods that absorb water like rice, beans, and grains while the second line can be used for everything else. The pot feels durable and well-made with a thick layered bottom for even heating.

You’ve got a nice large 4.25 inch diagonal LCD panel, 4 buttons for delayed start, pressure level, cancel, and taste of temperature adjustment, and a center control knob. Choose from poultry, soup, bean chili, porridge, cake, egg, slow cook, rice, pressure cook, sauté, steam, or yogurt. The icon for your current selection will be flashing. Press the center dial in to confirm your selection. Next you’ll be able to change the amount of time under pressure, by turning the knob, or the pressure level and temperature by pressing the corresponding buttons.

The unit starts by pre-heating which takes about 10-15 minutes depending on how much food and liquid you’re cooking. During cooking you’ll see this graphic which indicates the progress of the cooking. When the timer is up, the unit will beep for several seconds and enter keep warm automatically. To release the pressure after cooking, turn the pressure release valve to venting. After the pressure is released you should be able to turn and open the lid easily.

If you want a delayed start for cooking, you can dial the delay up to 24 hrs in advance. The first couple times I made rice, it came out fully cooked, but slightly on the wet side so for less rice you can use the 8 minute setting or use less water. I do like that none of the rice sticks to the bottom of the pot though, which makes it really easy to clean.

Overall, I really enjoy using this pressure cooker and find the multiple program settings useful and convenient. It heats up quickly, cooks food fast, is easy to use, and also a breeze to clean. I haven’t had any problems with food sticking or burning to the bottom of the pot. So far, everything I’ve made in it really tasty, and I’m looking forward to using it a lot more and trying new recipes out.

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