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So Your Instant Pot Is STILL In The Box? 3 EASY things to do TODAY so you can get comfortable! Links & notes:

It doesn’t matter that everyone says it’s easy and fast… It might not be easy or fast for YOU if you don’t know how to use it. Here are 3 things you can do right NOW to get comfortable!

**The Question:

Judy B. asks:

I ordered an Instant Pot over Black Friday and I’m embarrassed to say… it’s still in the box! I’m scared of it. Also life is so crazy I don’t think I have the time to learn how to use it. Can you help me get over the hump, so I can actually start using it and benefitting from it like everyone else is? Thanks so much, Wardee!

**My Answer:

A few days after we moved in to the house we’re currently living in, our new neighbor arrived with a plate of cookies. A few days later, I popped over to her house and guess what I saw in the corner of the dining room?

Yep, you guessed it… an Instant Pot still in the box from months before.

I can’t fault her because it took me at least a month to open mine up and use it.

All those buttons! Which one do you push? What if it explodes? What if the food doesn’t turn out? How do you find the time to read the manual and learn more about it?

(Though I do want to assure you, the Instant Pot is completely safe and won’t explode. It comes with safety features to prevent this.)

Instead of getting overwhelmed by what-ifs, let’s instead focus on you getting used to the Instant Pot so it’s not so scary or unknown.

Surely you can find 30 minutes for these 3 things. If you already spend time cooking, you have time for this. Plus you’re going to save time down the road, so it’s worth it.

**1. Get The Instant Pot Out Of The Box

Nothing’s going to change if it doesn’t get freed from the box.

So do it. Pull out the Instant Pot and all its parts. Wash the lid/silicone ring, stainless steel insert pot, and the condensation cup. Now put it on the kitchen counter.

**2. Do A Test Run

This step will clean the machine and help you test it to make sure it seals properly.

And, without having to prep any food at all, you’re going to actually use it for the first time to see how it operates.

Here’s what you do:

Put 2 to 3 cups of water in the stainless steel insert pot.
Make sure the silicone ring is tucked well into the lid, the valves are clear, and the condensation cup is in place on the back.
Put the lid in place, lock it, and turn the knob to the “Sealing” position.
Press the “Steam” button.
Press the (-) button to adjust the time down to 2 minutes.
Sit back, wait, and observe…

The Instant Pot DUO manual describes what will happen now:

“In 10 seconds, your Instant Pot® will go into the preheating cycle (display showing “On”). Within a few minutes, steam will release for a minute or two until the Float Valve pops up to seal the cooker. Once working pressure is reached, which may take a few minutes or up to 10-13 minutes, the countdown timer will begin. When the countdown is finished, the Instant Pot® will beep and automatically switch into the “Keep Warm” mode. The test is now complete. Press the “Keep-Warm/Cancel” button and/or unplug the unit.”

So all you have to do is watch to see that what happens is what the manual says happens.

**3. The Best First Thing To Make In The Instant Pot

To get your confidence that you can do this, you need to cook a simple food.

When I mean simple, I’m telling you to ignore most of the buttons on the machine — all you need is Manual which defaults to High pressure, +/- to adjust time, and Cancel to turn it off.

I suggest cooking hard-boiled eggs. Go here for instructions:

**What’s Next?

You got the Instant Pot out of the box, you tested it, and then you made easy-to-peel hard boiled eggs! Way to go!

Wasn’t it easy? Let me tell you — it was the hardest part of using the Instant Pot, I promise. This is because the hardest thing is to get over the hump of using it for the first time. Now that you’ve experienced it for yourself, you know for real that it’s not scary and that you no longer need to find extra time to use it. Use your normal cooking time from here on out.

You probably want more recipes, though, right?

For a free Instant Pot (or any pressure cooker) sourdough cornbread recipe, go here:

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